Letsintern College Reporter Program – Bring us the best stories from your...

Letsintern College Reporter Program – Bring us the best stories from your campus.


In the past, we offered students like you, an opportunity to share their best and worst internship experiences with us.We were blown away by the response, so this time, we’re taking it a step further.
What is the Letsintern Campus Reporter Program?
Tell the world about the recent on-goings in your college – cultural and technical events, start-ups and innovation brewing in your hostel rooms, admission and placement updates, insights on the professional world, internship experiences, or simply things that keep you going on campus.
What you get?

  • The Letsintern Blog has a viewership of 500,000+ readers per month, along with an active online presence on Facebook and Twitter. Your voice will find just the audience you deserve.
  • Whether it is stellar placements, or the new startup launched by a senior – share the best things about your college with a relevant demographic of students. Let everybody know where the cool stuff is at.
  • A recruiter spends at an average of 6 seconds on a candidate’s resume. As a regular contributor to Collegenda, you’d have another thing to talk about under extra curricular activities.
  • Letsintern has 18,000+ registered employers who are hiring interns/freshers throughout the year. This might just be the place they notice you.

What we are looking for:

  • Proficiency in written English, and ability to conceptualize ideas.
  • Commitment to deadlines and quality content creation.
  • Interpersonal skills, networking capabilities and an approachable demeanor.
  • Prior experience with creative writing is a plus, but not necessary.

What you’d be doing:

  • Working with our Content Team to discuss ideas, set goals, curating content, etc.
  • Dedicating time to submit at least one relevant article per week.
Ready to become the Campus Reporter for your college?
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