Life at an All Girl’s College | 5 Myths Debunked!

Life at an All Girl’s College | 5 Myths Debunked!


Girls’ colleges all across the globe turn out to be a rather fascinating place for many of those who aren’t a part of them. To many it seems like a land of gossip, make-up and cat-fights; thanks to the exceptionally innovative cinema we are a witness to. And while all of these things are very enthralling and beguiling to imagine, let’s just come back to reality and acknowledge the simple ‘myths’ revolving around girls colleges.

1. Dresses and short skirts, clubbed with (a lot of) make-up

Apparently, it’s all about fashion and dressing up in girls’ colleges. Dressing up to college is probably the most important thing and all people are concerned about how a particular concealer works. Or whether rebonding is a better idea than smoothening. To face the facts, it’s not just about make-up, it’s not just about stilettos and definitely not just about dressing up to college. You’re going to find girls in a wide variety of attires that range from right-out-the-bed pyjamas to eye-catching short skirts. And let’s face it, lectures are more important than any make-up.

2. A paradise for gossips and cunning plotting

A very special gratitude to the Indian television for this one, people tend to assume that a thousand girls within four walls is equivalent to multitudes of gossip and manipulation. While few let their imagination run wild, thinking about the cat-fights these gossips may result into; they are as absent as in any other college. Though it’d be right to admit that gossip exists. But isn’t that a fact with every college?

3. It’s all about the fashion and dance societies

Two pieces of information for all who think this: One, yes our fashion and dance societies are insanely active and we’re proud of what they do, but this doesn’t imply that we don’t have exceptional debating and literary societies and, Two, if you trivialize what literary societies do in comparison to performing arts societies, you’re probably a very naive person. Girls’ colleges have been known to bring unprecedented models, dancers and singers as well as debaters and writers to the limelight. So this myth simply needs to stop existing.

4. We are a bunch of misguided feminists

Yes, we believe in feminism and no, that doesn’t mean we hate men. While most fail to differentiate between matriarchy and the feminist movement, we urge everyone to understand that it’s the patriarchy we have an issue with and NOT men in general. We like to believe in gender equality and that’s all we want to convey. And that wouldn’t change or intensify just because we’re in a girls’ college now.

5. Total cut off from the world of men

This is probably the gravest concern of every girl enrolling herself in a girls’ college. And this is purely subjective. As illogical a myth as that may sound, it exists. There are ample occasions for you to meet new people, the annual fest season if nothing else. Most colleges in the Delhi University circuit are so inter-linked that there’s substantial footfall in all colleges all the year round and so your chances remain open.
Go a little slow on those myths, keep your minds and eyes open. Girls’ colleges are an amazing place to be (read: an unshakable conviction of the author who belongs to a girls’ college herself!)

This article was written by Arushi Pathak for DU Beat. 

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