Looking At The Indian Education System: College Diaries

Looking At The Indian Education System: College Diaries

How good is the Indian education system and how much should things be allowed to interfere with the college diaries of students.Marks ruling over education?


The great Indian education system colouring the college diaries of students.
The great Indian education system colouring the college diaries of students.

India is moving ahead, it definitely is. There are so many schemes, “ayogs” and government initiatives working their way up the society and spreading the light of education. However, the Indian Education system still stands flawed. Even those from reputable schools and great government colleges will agree that their college diaries are splattered with incidences showcasing the real face of the education system.

Scoring high, but getting educated?

Pick up the board results of this year or last, you will realize that many students have scored exceptionally well. The number of people scoring in the 90s has improved a lot over the years. However, has the quality of education gone up?

Marks alone are not a criterion of education. The Indian Education system focuses more on the rotten idea of learning things by heart and ejaculating it on the paper. There is little understanding of the main text required. Even in colleges, people score well without opening the books for the whole semester. There college diaries bears witness to this atrocity.

“I remember when I was college. My friends would read a compilation of questions which came in the last ten years or read from guide books and score really well. As someone who believed in working on hard and achieving things on their own merit, I felt cheated when I saw other people enjoying the easy way out and moving ahead for it.”

Colleges to the rescue?

Having hundreds of private colleges and commercialising education is not the right key to this issue. Rabindranath Tagore wrote the famous line

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. Where education is free.” 

Education cannot and should not be commerciaised and capitalised and Rabindranath Tagore died preaching it. However, in today’s world education is sold as a commodity. Topics which are not even relevant in real life are studied with the teachers failing to explain their relevance.

Even good colleges like IITs and NITs are unable to pull the employability quotient of the country forward. The only way to tackle this issue would be to gain and actually gain knowledge. Spend time on understanding things rather than working on scoring on the paper. Probably the sad state of things will remain very much the same until the time the society does not wake up to the call of reformation.

Another way of employing the education acquired in universities and colleges to practical life would be to do internships. There are numerous internship portals around which makes finding internships an easy task. From virtual internships to summer internships, you can do any internship that pleases you to not stay stuck in the rut of the Indian education system.