‘Made my architecture internships work for my compulsory internship’

‘Made my architecture internships work for my compulsory internship’

Lijin talks about how he made the most of his compulsory internships in college with these architecture internships.


Lijin talks about his experience in two architecture internships.
Lijin talks about his experience in two architecture internships.

Colleges today make internships a compulsory part of the academic program, to ensure that students take them seriously. The importance of internships cannot be highlighted more – but there are times when students feel that they are not ready for them. Or need to pick up a specific one to show as part of these compulsory internships. This is true, very specifically, in the case of architecture internships.

In today’s intern experience, we come across one such story – that of Lijin Krishnan, a 4th Year student of architecture at the Ernad Knowledge City College of Architecture has made the best of this opportunity.

Lijin Intern’s Experience:

Growing up in Mallapuram, Kerala, Lijin loved sketching and drawing which led him to decide architecture was his calling. A commercially lucrative and stable career option, it also gave him a chance to create a legacy with his creative work in people’s homes and offices.

We spoke to Lijin about his architecture internship experience and how he made the compulsory internship work in his favour. Here is what he had to say –

On finding the right internship –

We had to find internships on our own and I embarked on finding the firm that would be the best fit for me. I was keen on working in Bangalore and started an extensive search across social media and Google, asked friends and seniors about their internship experiences. I would look at their designs and the kind of work they did, I would be spending 6 months at the internship and hence wanted to find the right one.

I shortlisted a few firms and sent out my portfolio to them. One Brick At A Time, which is based in Bangalore, got back to me and I was on my way for my first internship.

On the factors that influenced my choice of internship company –
Location – For my first internship I was keen on Bangalore. I hail from a small town in Kerala, Mallapuram and we mostly communicate in Malayalam. I wanted to improve my communication skills and excel at workplace communication.

In Bangalore, my clients would be cosmopolitan and I would require speaking in English. In my 6-months internship, I learnt a lot about spoken and written English.

Design Style –

Currently, I am pursuing another internship in SN Associates in Ernakulam. This time I chose a Kerala firm because I wanted to learn a new style of architecture. The weather and cultural factors change the way buildings are designed in Kerala and I wanted to learn these design rules.

It is very different from Bangalore where even the use of materials and design changes.

On the learning different skills during the internship –

Communication skills –

I definitely improved my communication skills thanks to the many client meetings I could attend. It is very important for an architect to communicate with clients and understand what they want before they can start work on it.

Technical skills –

I worked on improving my technical skills, especially design skills through the various tasks I was assigned – rendering, mockups, 3D modelling and model making. I was also asked to work on architecture and interior designs; I was glad that my mentors at OBAAT let me work on these aspects. It’s very difficult for interns to work on designs directly. I also worked on software like Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, SketchUp and MS Excel for various processes. I knew these softwares but working on them real-time helped me gain expertise.

Lijin is also building an impressive portfolio by working on a live residential project. He had provided the architectural design for a relative’s house in his hometown and he is now watching it take shape. We hope Lijin makes his mark on several prestigious architectural projects in his career.

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