Make your dreams of International Career come true – Here’s how!

Make your dreams of International Career come true – Here’s how!


New Shores Solid Initiative Towards The Global Experience For Students

Dream of International career remains merely a dream for many students as they cannot go for international education. But now, many such students can realize their dreams with New Shores International College in Bangalore. It aims transformation as a philosophy of education and in this view; New Shores has integrated international internship to its Global UGC and Undergraduate degree programs which are affiliated to Bangalore University.

International Internship – Great Way To Avail International Experience And Knowledge

International internships are greatly sought after even by US undergraduate students. Yale University provides great experience of working and staying abroad through international internship of 8-9 weeks in summer vacation at London, Athens, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Singapore, Kampala and other cities across the globe. Moreover, renowned Stanford University offers The Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX) program to encourage students to get hands on knowledge of international management by working at corporate, non-profit sectors or government for at least four weeks outside United States.

Mr. Shashidhar Chiron, Director of New Shores College highlighted the importance of international internship. He said that their students undertaking international internship are becoming more insightful and knowledgeable about appreciating diverse cultures and professional fronts. This can be seen in subtle but remarkable transformation of students in and outside the classroom. Though the international internships have been incorporated to Global Undergraduate and Degree programs since 2011, now onwards internship will be offering academic credits. The three month internship in Europe will award 12 credits out of 62 annual credits.

He added that it is certainly a delightful experience for all faculty members at New Shores to see their students transforming in a better way.

International Internship Opportunity – Student’s Perspective

New Shores students expressed their views about undertaking international internship. In their view, it was the best opportunity to learn about new cultures, countries and the way people think. Another prominent reason for choosing international internship came up was that they liked to learn and explore new things, enjoy different experiences, travel and get to know about new people, their culture and lifestyle.

What Students Say?

Shagufta, 2nd year BBA student shared her experience. She told that she had chosen Indonesia for her internship intentionally as it was the period of Ramadan and she wanted to be there to know about her religion while focusing on her professional learning.

Another student doing Global BBA chose Malaysia for internship as it was best suited for his research project as well as it was within his    budget.

Internship Involvements

Abhishek Chinnappa, Final year BBA student told about how he observed and learned to appreciate views of people from different cultures. Another one spoke about conducting his project to create awareness about current global environmental issues in specialized unit of UTAR in Malaysia.

Appreciation of College Assistance

Students told that New Shores International College assisted for internship completely and teachers also adjusted academic commitments for the internship. One of the students managed his internship in holidays after the exam as the college accepted his request for the extension of academic assignment submissions.

What Students Earned From Their Internship

Students appreciated the exposure to cross cultural insights and understandings and made valuable friendships.  They stated about the admiration of their hard work by people around and invaluable experience of understanding the people they had met there. It would be a great treasure of memories in the internship for them forever.

Immeasurable Benefits of Interning Abroad

Students who have completed their internship shared about the immeasurable benefits they gained through the internship. They said that they met many students from different countries who had joined them in the internship and it offered the cross cultural exposure. They learned the management and leadership skills in that unique environment. One intern said that his main intention in joining the internship program was to get the international experience and insight which would help in graduation school. He thinks that the international internship has made him more insightful and receptive to different regional and cultural influences.

Experiences About Selection, Interviews And Visa Processes

The entire process of international internship offered good knowledge and experiences about various essential processes to students. New Shores students said that visa application was not a difficult matter for them but it was challenging to face an interview they had never faced. But students thanked New Shores staff for comprehensive coaching for preparation of interview.

Family Support

Students claimed that along with New Shores staff, the solid support from their family played important role in successful completion of internship program. They said the family support throughout the internship program made their experience enjoyable.

Words Of Advice From Students Completing Internship

Many students told that initially they were hesitating to take such a big step but they proclaimed that they would definitely advise others to overcome the hesitation and step ahead for the best and unique experience they could have before.

New Shores International College – Always There Throughout The Way

Every intern told that New Shores was there to help them from the beginning to completion of the process right from choosing the country, visa to approval processes. College assisted on each and every step. One of the students said that New Shores helped him in identifying internship opportunities, helped in preparation of interviews, and guided him about maximizing the learning process in abroad stay, enjoying the experiences along with the responsibilities. He added that New Shores offered a great support all time. He thanked his teachers at New Shores for their cooperation, support and opportunity to have the most memorable experiences.




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