Market Research Internship At WWF India!

Market Research Internship At WWF India!

Be a Market Research Intern and find the opportunity to be a part of the better, brighter tomorrow. Expand your knowledge in the lush valleys of Assam and find the benefits of working with an organisation standing on the level of WWF.


Be a part of the change, be a part of tomorrow with WWF India.
Be a part of the change, be a part of tomorrow with WWF India.

Looking to expand your knowledge and be the part of a super internship? Yes? Then here’s a great opportunity for you to don the role of a Market Research Intern and be involved with the prestigious WWF India.

About WWF India

A science-based organization, WWF India addresses environmental and social issues, such as conservation of species and its habitats, climate change and water and environmental education among others. Over the years, WWF India has expanded its wings and taken into its shelter a more holistic approach that looks at every facet of the environmental issues and its conservation.

Keeping the tone of its working in mind, WWF India is now working in collaboration with different stakeholders, that includes, Government, NGOs, schools, colleges, students, individuals, and corporates.

Roles and Responsibilities

WWF India is seeking people who understand data collection techniques, know about research tools and can communicate well in Assamese to be able to communicate with farmers, local traders and other stakeholders effectively.

The candidates who will be selected and get a chance to be a part of WWF India as Market Research intern will have to:

1) Identify key villages in the shortlisted districts which have the potential for commercial cultivation and extraction.

2) Learn and identify key stakeholders involved in the different segments of the value chain and map out existing supply chain of the two species of interest.

3) On-site assessment of the stock availability and land-ownership patterns of the two key commercial bamboo species Bambusa balcoa and Bambusa tulda in the non-forest areas of selected districts in Assam.

4) Details of the local communities involved in bamboo production in the region – the primary source of livelihood, income category, land availability, participation in FPOs or other such institutional mechanisms, volumes produced, sale pricing, current buyers, etc.

5) Gauge the interest of the local communities/FPOs to engage on sustainable production of bamboo with buy-back arrangements with the corporate partner.

6) Gauge the demand for FSC certified bamboo in the region through discussions with key traders and buyers.

7) Assess the gaps between the existing operating conditions and FSC standard’s principles and criteria.

8) Identify the key opportunities and challenges linked with the promotion of sustainable bamboo cultivation, extraction and trade in the region.

What does the internship have for you

Apart from working in the beautiful landscape of Assam, getting to work with like-minded and talented individuals and having a great learning opportunity, you can also earn a certificate to showcase on your resume.

And obviously, all expenses will be covered as per WWF India TA-DA Policy, so you don’t need to spend out of your pocket to enjoy something this amazing.

Are you interested in the position? Apply now, and make your future as a market research intern in WWF India and those you touch brighter and more fruitful.