Microsoft Student Partners Program | Become a Microsoft Technology Leader on your...

Microsoft Student Partners Program | Become a Microsoft Technology Leader on your campus now!


Is your love of technology impossible to hide? Do you aspire to do more than what’s expected? Do you live to code? Do you love social media? Are you really involved on your campus? Then this opportunity is made for a student like you.

About Microsoft Students Program:

The Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) program offers technical training, incredible connections, and extraordinary opportunities. You will be exposed to new Microsoft technologies and get a sneak peek at development tools, and industry-defining software applications. In turn, all MSPsinspire their peers by sharing and promoting these new technologies and benefits on campus. The MSP Program is active in over 80 countries around the world. MSPs represent their global region and their local campus as Microsoft technology experts.

Application Deadline: September 14, 2014.

Click here for more details and apply now.

– As an MSP, you’ll be informed about the latest Microsoft technologies. You will acquire the tools and training to lead technology discussions on your campus.
– You will demonstrate the newest technologies, host tech events, and connect with like-minded students and faculty.
– You will lead the Microsoft Student Community at your campus.
– You will work closely with Microsoft and the other MSPs, and build and important network of contacts.
– You will get a proof of your MSP participation that can be used when you apply for work.

Microsoft Student Partners in the past have:
– Built applications.
– Demoed features of Microsoft technologies to students and faculty on campus.
– Recruited for Imagine Cup, the world’s premier student technology competition.
– Chatted about Microsoft technologies on their social networks.
– Helped other students find free software through DreamSpark and IT Academy.
– Attended trainings from Microsoft leaders to enhance their knowledge about cutting edge technologies.
– Found a mentor and continued to build their global network and career skill-set.

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