MNC Internships in India| How to get internships in Accenture

MNC Internships in India| How to get internships in Accenture

For those looking for MNC internships, to get a career foothold, the Accenture internship program is a good way to get internships in Accenture.


Find the right step stone to a corporate career with internships in Accenture. (Today Jobs)
Find the stepping stone to a career with internships in Accenture. (Today Jobs)

Internships in India nowadays aren’t only a fad, but essentially vital as they form a solid part of the resume for students fresh out of college and looking for suitable jobs. In the internship world, the Accenture internship program has quite a good reputation. In this segment, we will discuss internships in Accenture in detail.

Internships in Accenture

There are a lot of internships in Accenture available for students and fresher aspirants who wish to gain experience before they plunge into a real job. The types of internships in Accenture vary and so does the program process. Here, we have tried to unravel all your queries regarding the Accenture internship program.

Types of Internships in Accenture

Accenture is a multinational company with its work spread across a number of departments. The main division involves departments engaged in strategy making and application, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. Therefore, the types of internships available in Accenture are quite extensive as well.

The most popular student internships with this company are:

  • Software Engineer Interns
  • Management Consultant Interns
  • Research Interns
  • Digital Marketing Interns
  • Other Technology Interns

More about the Accenture internship program

The Accenture internship program has varied options that are created to suit various interests. The internship program is helpful for students as they are provided various projects where are in direct contact with the clients. Hence, the experience is real. A first-rate exposure to the global business culture and work environment is another plus point which not many companies offer!

Types of Work

Internships in India is mostly about assisting people already doing jobs in the company. But the type of work Accenture offers for their interns is pretty much different. They train their interns and let them handle projects on their own for increased exposure. The type of work depends on the type of internship.

For example, undergraduate interns are mostly engaged in the consulting business, supporting technology, management consulting, and strategy implementation, as per their qualifications and capabilities identified. A variety of roles are kept aside for interns even including one of being a full-time analyst during the internship. Mostly, MBAs or students pursuing MBA are preferred for this particular role.

Types of Learning

Accenture internships are typically desired for the learning edge to them. The management at Accenture is dedicatedly inclined towards building internship roles that help the interns grow in terms of capability. Senior members of the organisation guide the interns on how to do their jobs efficiently.

Moreover, as interns at Accenture are provided opportunities to directly face the client, it makes them future-ready for their upcoming jobs. Even before they plunge into the real job scenario, they know how to support client outcomes.

The organisation brings about the job roles so realistically that it helps the interns to evaluate their future goals and to decide whether they want to continue in the same stream or change it after graduation.

Job Chances

Well, here’s the best part we kept for the last. Interning at Accenture not only means high grades for your coursework, but you can also end up with an opportunity for a full-time job offer at the end of your internship at Accenture.

The performance of the interns is intensively scrutinised by the senior management and if it is up to the mark along with complimenting credits and scores academically, quite a few interns get a chance to directly launch their career with Accenture without going through the placement madness. Isn’t it just great?

So, if you are looking for Internships in 2017, you know which none to definitely apply for! In the meantime, consider active internships on our portal, LetsIntern.