Delhi Slums to New York City: A journey of choices

Delhi Slums to New York City: A journey of choices


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Can a rag picker become an award winning photographer?

From being rescued from a Delhi slum to photographing the reconstruction of the World Trade Center, listen to the journey of Vicky Roy.

Growing up with a silver spoon, we tend to forget about the million other kids out there who aren’t given the same privilege as us. And even when we do, it’s filled with pity or sympathy and very rarely empathy. But if you take a simple moment to just wonder about the reason behind their misfortune, you can stumble upon gold in hidden talent and skill.

The Journey/Story

The instant reaction to Vicky Roy’s blurb on the INK website is admiration for his good looks. After all that first impression is perhaps what draws most people into watching his talk. Not only do you get to admire his features, he manages to draw you into his story and many others like him who are left unheard.  Overcoming everything thrown his way, he has managed to pursue his passion of photography and achieve his dreams especially when was selected to photo document the reconstruction of the World Trade Center in NYC

Lessons we can all learn

Vicky Roy teaches you the power of choice and learning to grab opportunities when they come knocking on your door. From being a rag picker on the road to a celebrated professional photographer, he has managed to do that with simplicity, humility and poise. And by giving people with similar backgrounds as him a voice through his photos, shows that pictures do speak a thousand words.

It may sound very preachy when people say look beyond the surface, but we can’t deny that it is a layered statement. It’s not hard to look beyond the dirt, or a pretty face, and see an inspiration in the making.

If you do something you love, and you do it well and with honesty, dedication and to your capabilities there are no boundaries. This resonates with the very ideology of the learning center.

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