My first month at Letsintern: How I found the job I love...

My first month at Letsintern: How I found the job I love and why you should too.


This day, last year, I was a seventh semester student studying information technology, ready to join the crowd of 10 lakh engineering students that graduate in India every year. I was a not-so-fancy seven pointer with an inability to code and a resume that spoke of achievements more in ‘writing’ than in anything else.

The common notion says that the best thing that can happen to you after college is a high paying secure job, preferably in one of the leading MNCs. What it fails to tell you is that in 6 out of 10 cases you might end up trading 8 hours every day along with your peace of mind to be part of this never ending rat race which will leave you with a decent bank balance as compensation when the month ends.

When I first decided to go for a content writing job over a position in the IT industry, the first challenge I faced was that I didn’t know where I could possibly apply. We spend so much time focusing on the leading giants in any industry that we forget to lay our eyes upon the not-too-old yet rapidly growing organizations. The start-ups, as we call them, offer an equally interesting and different flavor of work culture.

One, you get to see a company build right from the scratch and when finally the hard work starts paying off, you can see your contribution in the progress graph.

Two, you’re surrounded by like-minded people who are in this constant phase of making mistakes and learning something new every day.

Most importantly, three, your voice is heard. Your ideas are valued. You’re not just another employee working out of his cubicle (or a bean bag in my case). The extent of one-on-one contact makes start-ups more like a close knit community of people who can share a laugh over coffee and yet be serious enough to make better out of good.

When I first got a call from Letsintern on a June afternoon, two months ago, I wasn’t prepared and slightly less hopeful. I had interviewed before a couple of times and people were generally hesitant to hire someone as a content writer with no degree in the field and practically no professional experience. After two brief interview sessions with both the co-founders, who shared and valued the passion to create as much as I did, I packed my bags and left for Pune to join as their manager for content and communication.

At Letsintern, I have found more than I initially expected to. I’ve probably learnt way more by being here than I did in my four years of college. I realized that there is more to content generation than simply writing, that it finally comes down to understanding your target audience and how a few lines can be made part of and affect your overall marketing strategy, that how important it is to come up with something that’d make people stop, read and act differently.

This year, today, it’s been almost a month at Letsintern and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

As Confucius said, ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’

This is to Letsintern and the terrific team I work with everyday. The food that spoils me to no end and the coolest office space there is. The almost pet cats I am so fond of and the millions things I hope to learn in my time here.

This, is to that job. The one I’d gladly do on Monday mornings.




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