‘My Software Development Internship Made Me Job Ready’, Sanjana Jha

‘My Software Development Internship Made Me Job Ready’, Sanjana Jha

Read how a Software Development Internship made Sanjana Jha job ready in her internship success story.


Software Development Internship
Software Development Internship

Sanjana Jha is all set to explore the career she aspired for. All thanks to her Software Development Internship, she claims. Let us read about her Software Development Internship and her success story!

“In the third year of engineering, I started looking for internships in order to use my summer break to the fullest. I had always been interested in working in JAVA and hence was looking for a Software Development Internship that would help me explore JAVA and its extended applications even more.”

“I wished to intern in a company which had a properly planned structure for its interns. While searching for internships, I always gave preference to JAVA based companies since I was more inclined towards working in JAVA. Like everyone else, I too wanted to work in an organisation that will educate me more and make me more ready for the job.”

‘My Software Development Internship’

“I interned at Nomura Research Institute Financial Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for a period of six weeks. The company currently forms the backbone of the capital market in Japan with significant participation in the processing and management of securities at various financial firms and capital market entities. I had applied for a technical internship. Internships there were paid, interns were assigned a mentor and under the guidance of the mentor, interns were supposed to work on a project. They also assigned live projects at times. The work was mainly on JAVA and DBMS, some projects also needed working on Spring, JSPX, etc.”

Whenever I got stuck or needed help, there were many people always ready to help.

“My first task of the morning was to check my email for scheduled meetings or requirements for the day. After that, I used to analyse my work from the previous day. My project was on Database Migration and Application Migration. The currently Oracle-based application was to be fully migrated to MySQL Migration with an attempt of keeping the CODEBASE same. With every passing day, I could feel myself growing. My technical and logical sense had improved for the better in those six weeks. Not just that, the office environment, work ethics and small things that happened during the internship have made me more job ready.”

“I have never used LetsIntern before but I am sure it will be very useful for students out there. I would like to suggest to other aspiring interns that they should always go for an internship. It will definitely improve you as a technical person or your domain.”

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