Nail Every Internship Interview With These Sure Shot Success Tips

Nail Every Internship Interview With These Sure Shot Success Tips

Nail every internship interview with these awesome interview tips. Get ready to get the job of your choice and enjoy the ride.


How to prepare for an internship interview?
How to prepare for an internship interview?

Preparing for an internship interview can be nerve-racking, more so if it is your first real interview. Read the tips below to make sure you don’t forget the basics in the excitement of giving your first interview.


This is the most essential and yet the most ignored factor when prepping for a job interview. Make sure you’ve done your homework about the company – the sectors they work in, the projects they undertake and the nature of the job profile you are applying for. A clueless interviewee is a red flag for any kind of organization.

Date, Time and Location:

Confirm your appointment a day prior to the interview, and don’t be late! If you’re not sure of the location of your interview, remember to ask for directions and check on the internet in advance. In case you’re running late due to unavoidable circumstances, make sure to inform the employer and ask to reschedule if necessary.

Dress appropriately:

Avoid wearing casuals. Wear something that says you’re ready to become a professional. Even if you know the company has a relaxed environment, no one will be happy to see you in shorts.

Answer calmly:

There’s no rush – understand the question properly and ask for a minute to prepare your answer if required. It always helps to practice answers for a few expected questions the previous day. You should have a clear understanding of why you want this particular job and what makes you a good fit for it.

Body Language:

What your body language says is just as important as what you say. Be confident and alert and remember not to fidget. The way you greet your interviewer, shake hands and sit and all signs of how focussed and interested you are in the job. Slouching and crossing your arms and legs is a complete no-no. Sit up straight and lean forward to show that you are engaged.


Carry a few hard copies of your resume even if you have already mailed it; it shows how prepared and professional you are. It is possible you don’t have a lot to put in your resume if you’re a college student or fresher. Don’t worry; we all start from here. Just remember to highlight your strengths which are connected to the employer’s requirement, and you’ll be good to go.

So, use these internship interview tips and take home the prize. From part-time internships to full-time internships, use these internship interview tips to grab any internship you want.