“I made a significant contribution to an organization,where my opinion was valued.”...

“I made a significant contribution to an organization,where my opinion was valued.” – Madhurima, Intern, IndianNGOs.com


For our internship break this summer, our college curriculum required us to pursue an internship in the development sector. By doing a little internet research and looking into websites recommending internships within my city, I came across a website called IndianNGOs.com which is a Consultancy and Reputation CSR firm, dedicated mainly to publicize, promote and market, national – international NGOs and their activities to the entire world.

The first job that was assigned to me as an intern, at IndianNGOs.com, was dedicated to the creating awareness about basic issues related to the environment, society and economy of our country. The objective was to create and publish a small reference book that will contain vital information, statistics and basic knowledge about the problems faced by our country today on the social, economic and environmental front. The book was to consist of interviews of eminent persons working in any particular public service sector like Human Rights, environment conservation, child rights, education, discrimination, poverty, women empowerment, founders of various non profit organisations, NGO workers, activists such as Arvind Kejrival, Narendra Jadhav etc.

My job was to listen to these interviews, and write articles on those topics using the interviews as references. This was a challenging task as it involved a lot of research. This assignment not only went a long way in increasing my knowledge about the current development scenario in India, but it also helped me form or alter my own perspectives on them. By the end of the first week I was done with about 10-12 Articles on different gateways in the development sector.

My second assignment was even more interesting and slightly more of a challenge. Although it’s a website network portal, Indian NGOs.com was not an active participant on the Social Media Marketing front. Mr. Bapat believed working on the Social Media strategy as a Marketing and promotion tool for the organisation would help a great deal in to the fulfillment of the organisations objectives. Hence, I was assigned the task of coming up with their social media strategy, the objective of which was to give more visibility to all – small and large – individual and organisational developmental initiatives with little financial investment. After a lot of research, brainstorming, and several initial drafts, I started work on the execution of the plan. Working for marketing and promotions on Facebook gave me a completely different perspective of looking at social media. The practical experience was truly valuable.

My next assignment was related to a network portal named CSR Identity. This website is dedicated to creating CSR awareness among small and large companies. It serves as a tool for corporate firms in the private sector as well as in the public sector, to find investment opportunities for their CSR initiatives. Companies from across the country send in their reports on work conducted in CSR annually. I was supposed to edit data about CSR initiatives of about 200 listed companies like all TATA Enterprises, Reliance Industries and many more along with public sector companies like BHEL, ONGC etc. The data I handled  was very informative and gave me a perspective on various CSR aspects and options I was not aware of before. This was a great opportunity to make use of my editing skills and gave me a chance to bring them to a certain level of perfection.

Another responsibility I took up was one of the most enriching experience in the entire course of my Internship. As a pilot project for the launch of DevelopedNation.org, I was given the task to canvas the district of Thane in for public and environment Service. This involved on site research as well as background research on projects of various established NGOs to gain information on past, present and future developments in all sectors. My work began with making an extensive research about the Organisation and then proceeded to the interview different people associated with it along with the video coverage.

All in all, the assignments I took up have been incredibly enriching and beneficial to me as I received immense knowledge of the field. I had the opportunity of making significant contributions to an established organisation where my opinion was valued. This was the first time I worked in a proper office environment. Although it seemed less adventurous and a little dull at times, the kind of exposure I got there was incredible. I also learnt a lot from my bosses and my colleagues, not just about the field but about the corporate world itself.

Even though I was just a curious intern, who had no idea what all this was all about, I was treated with utmost understanding and care. My mistakes were explained to me in a way that led me to solve them and my efforts were appreciated. I would like to thank Mr. Sanjay Bapat, and Ms. Rohini Bapat in particular along with all my colleagues at IndianNGOs for giving me this amazing opportunity of working with their organisation. It has been a true honour.


Madhurima Sawale currently pursues her Bachelors in Media studies from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.


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