Top 5 Internship programmes at The New York Times for aspiring journalists.

Top 5 Internship programmes at The New York Times for aspiring journalists.



1. Dow Jones News Fund Editing Internship:
Location: New York
Stipend:  They receive a $1,000 + DJNF scholarship after completing the internship, if they are returning to college.

College juniors, seniors and graduate students are eligible to apply as long as they are enrolled full-time by the Nov. 1 deadline.
This includes December graduates. Former professional journalists are not eligible.
Copy editing interns are chosen by the Dow Jones News Fund through its national selection process. Interns edit copy and write headlines on a major desk at The Times.Selection is based on experience — such as work on campus publications, reporting internships, work as a stringer — academic excellence, an essay and an editing test that all applicants must pass before being considered for the program.

2. David E. Rosenbaum Reporting Internship in Washington:
Location: Washington
Stipend: $1000/week.

Applicants must be seniors or graduate students with previous daily newspaper experience.
 The Times and the Washington Press Club Foundation select an exceptional intern to report and write across a wide variety of subject areas in the Washington bureau during a 10-week summer internship. The position, which is co-sponsored by the foundation, is intended for aspiring reporters with a demonstrated interest in or aptitude for writing about government and policy. It is aimed at financial aid students who hope to become print journalists in Washington.
The first week of the internship will be spent in New York for orientation to the newspaper. The remainder of the internship will be spent reporting and writing bylined stories from The Times’s bureau in Washington.

 3. Video Journalism:
Location: New York

This internship is open to juniors, seniors and graduate students.
Interns work with the award-winning Video Unit of The Times and must have significant video journalism experience.
4. Digital Internship

Location: New York
– The applicant must be a junior, senior or graduate student at the time the application is submitted, but may have graduated before beginning the internship.
– The intern must have had at least one previous summer internship at a news organisation.
– Candidates must know some HTML and Photoshop and have a demonstrated interest in journalism and a familiarity with both and The New York Times newspaper.
The intern’s duties include producing articles, photos and multimedia for The New York Times on the Web, as well as helping to put together the online presence for larger news packages and enterprise projects. He or she is also expected to assist editors and producers by conducting research and compiling information for special sections, enterprise stories and breaking news events. The intern will gain technical experience working with HTML, Photoshop and our database-driven content management system. In addition, he or she will acquire more journalistic skills, including writing headlines and summaries and sharpening his or her news judgment.
5. Interactive News Internship
Prospective interns should have experience with some of the following technologies and an eagerness to learn more while adapting them to the news.
a)Semantic, standards-driven web development and design, looking toward HTML5 and CSS3 on all devices
b)Web frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails or Django
c)JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery and Underscore, and frameworks like Backbone.js; or, CoffeeScript
d)Data collection and analysis using APIs, web scraping, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.
e)Creating maps and charts with tools such as the Google Maps API, Protovis, D3.js, Raphael, etc.
You should already be familiar with one or two front-end or back-end languages and frameworks and have a project or two outside of class that you can show us to demonstrate that you’re able to take something from concept to completion.
You will work alongside developers, designers, and journalists of The New York Times to build Web applications for enterprise packages and special-events coverage, as well as breaking news. Your work will be published on and may contribute to The Times’ open source initiatives. Interns in 2011 released Fech, which helps journalists make sense of campaign finance data.
6. Thomas Morgan Internships in Visual Journalism
Location: New York
One intern is chosen in each of the categories i.e., Design or Graphics or Photography.They may be juniors or seniors and must have had news experience.
a) Design: Working closely with art directors, the design intern helps design and produce pages and process art and photographs. The intern also attends editorial meetings and learns the various production systems used at The Times. The program aims to introduce the intern to newspaper design and to identify future designers for The Times.
b) Graphics: The graphics intern works with the graphics editors, developing the skills to organise and present the news visually through charts, graphs and diagrams. The intern designs and executes graphics for publication in various sections of The Times. The Morgan interns participate in workshops with ranking editors, graphics and design specialists and reporters.
c) Photography: The picture desk intern works with Times photographers and editors, shooting assignments for every section of the report. The goal is to give the intern a taste of news, feature and sports photography, as well as the opportunity to learn lighting techniques from professionals. The intern is also expected to initiate enterprise projects apart from daily assignments. An editor serves as mentor and works with the intern.




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