Off-campus placements: How to build your network?

Off-campus placements: How to build your network?

Networking means involving the right people and opportunities at the right time. Let's guide you to build your network for off-campus placements.


Off campus placement, build your network to get placed
Build your network to get placed, off campus placement (Courtesy: Daily Mail)

Networking means to involve the right kind of people and opportunities at the right time. It is not something that should be done when you search for your first job, but the first day of college itself. Let’s guide you through some steps you could do to build your network during your off-campus placements.

Keep a right mindset

Mindset is what matters
Mindset is what matters

The first step is to keep faith and maintain the right state of mind. Believe in yourself and the things you have to offer. Keep in mind to give your best at every stance you take. Your goal is only to offer value in what you undertake!

Start with what’s first available

College Classrooms
Interact with as many as classmates and faculty members

When it comes to your classes, stay alert of what is being offered both on and off academics. Make a good start with the academics, make yourself known to your faculty. Faculty members will always have connections that you can look for at the time of job search. Keep in touch with your classmates, staff members and look around to build great relationships.

Off-Campus opportunities

College internships
Get opportunities away from your campus

Seek an environment that is out of your campus bubble. Find off campus internships, work places. Join a club, get to know people who have similar interests and build your network. Join a community or professional organization to get the idea of what is happening outside of your surroundings. You will not only meet new people, but also learn so much.


Get on track with LinkedIn and Twitter

If for some reason you are really comfortable with the digital self you have and want to keep it that way, LinkedIn is a good place to initiate and maintain your network. You can connect with professionals and keep in mind to  You can also use Twitter. Follow your desired  set of topics, people and keep your network active by keeping those profiles updated!


Intern your way into success

Paid or unpaid whatever, just use this opportunity to the fullest. An internship can be a smart way of widening your network web, add relevant resources to it. Even if the gig doesn’t pay, it can always be a reference source for future. Enhance your resume with an internship in the field you are in and you are sorted.

Widen your circle

College network strategies
Get to know new people, grow your network

Make some new friends, join student clubs and existing networking groups keeping in mind your career goals. Participate and organize events to increase your links. Try to get in contact with your seniors and college Alumni as they already have jobs and they will be of a great help!

Connect on Social Media

Social Media
Brand yourself. Create your network via social media

Social media platforms are the best way to keep yourself updated about events, fairs, meet-ups relevant to your interests. Follow a company(s) you would like to work with on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram to state your interest. Create your website, make yourself present on these platforms as it is easier for people to connect.

Keep in touch with the resources and build your network with these tips. Let us know what you think in the comments below.