Why you should design for Letsintern | An Open Letter to all...

Why you should design for Letsintern | An Open Letter to all the amazing designers out there – by Pranay Swarup, Co-founder, Letsintern.



Treat this is as an open letter to all the incredible designers out there. 
We find it difficult to find you on any job-board. With reason, I suppose. If you are that good, you’ll find enough work coming your way. Of course, we believe in the dots joining, and are hoping that this letter finds you with much-respect coming your way, and some initial interest coming back our way. 

Over to the body of this letter. 

I also speak for fellow entrepreneurs who are not designers when I say that, “We have zero design sense”. Sometimes, we even look beyond what a great design a bottle opener is, or how cycling cleats are just incredible. But, that’s what great design is, isn’t it? It let’s us look beyond everything and go straight to the use case. 

Design to us is simply how easily we can do the things that we would love to do. Of course, then there are people who can also make these designs look like gorgeous pieces of art which blend into function and form. 

Well, at Letsintern, we are keen to bring design in-house and make it a part of who we are. 

If you think you can lead UX/UI design in a funded start-up entering a growth phase, with a track-record of an excellent product (Letsintern is creating a lot of value despite looking quite ugly honestly), with a firebrand team with a global vision to create something simple that changes the way people work 10 years from now, reach out to us. We are onto something exciting. 

Let’s go for a bike ride, go hiking or just walk around as we discuss our ideas on the kind of people we like to work with, what excites us about the world and the change we are passionate about. You will be a right fit for us if you don’t design just for the money it brings you, but because you love design and what it can do, because you like getting involved, taking ownership, and want to see your product through to value creation. We respect you, most for your need for individual freedom and creativity. Please bring it with you. 

How we work (and would like you too):

  • Seriously collaborative, even with people not on our teams but experts in their fields. 
  • Immerse yourself in one project at a time with 100% independence. You control decision making and outcome.
  • We almost enjoy failing. Seriously, maintaining status quo is the only thing we don’t enjoy. 
  • We are always shipping out features – we love adding to our products and keep making it simpler and easier every month.
  • We really care about our product and not cut corners.

 What we expect from you as a Product Designer for web and mobile applications:

  • Maintain a user-centered minimalist approach in design. We are loving the look of Ello.co among some of the new platforms out there. 
  • Don’t follow the latest trends blindly, have your own design vision – its totally cool if its counter-intuitive or against the flow of the tide. We love individuality over conformity. 
  • Lead products from discovery and framework through iterative development and delivery.
  • Help product managers re-visualize how their products interact with users and achieve its goals. 
  • We do appreciate speed but don’t like overnight work. Design is much like win. Mull over it as long as you are always thinking. 
  • Develop visual identity systems, data visualizations, visual design, illustrations, etc.
  • Build a design ethos on which the whole organization works on. 
  • Come lead the UI/UX, even paint the office (we do that sometimes) or do anything to bring your design visions not just to products but to everything this company touches and does. Come make Letsintern beautiful. 
  • The role is based out of Pune. We’d prefer it that you come with experience of having worked on beautiful products and not just pure skill.
To conclude: That’s it really! We don’t know design. We ideally don’t want to outsource design because we appreciate it enough and want it part of our core team. 

Yes, for those who don’t know about Letsintern: Explore www.letsintern.com – formed in 2011, we are an award-winning start-up, getting 3 lac+ plus visits monthly making us the largest platform in India for internships and are looking to launch a global product very soon. Let’s talk more over a call or in person. Connect with me at pranay.swarup@letsintern.com, send me your behance profile or portfolio, and let’s take it from there.


Co-founder, Letsintern




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