“Go through any doors that are open to you. You never know...

“Go through any doors that are open to you. You never know what they might lead you to.” – Ibaridor Synnah, Intern, Philips.


Small opportunities present themselves throughout your life and if taken at the right time, they can serve as stepping stones to a brighter future. As my first Internship through Letsintern I got an opportunity to work as the Brand Ambassador for Philips, a well- known company and had an amazing experience.

As intern we were assigned tasks on weekly basis, the main aim of which was to make people aware of the new product launched by Philips called the – Philips Miss Fresher’s styling kit. This was mainly done by going out and briefing them about the various features it came with, such as — it included both hair dryer and hair straightener at affordable price, was easy to use, handy and compact, was readily available in the market and more of its advantages over other similar products in competition.

The main target group in this case were the school and college going girls of the age bracket 17-24, hence social networking sites were the most common method that was employed to reach out to them. We were supposed to share pictures of the Phillips Miss Fresher’s styling kit along with the various hair styles that can be tried on for different occasions by using it. We also shared pictures from Philips India page on Facebook and videos to generate as many likes and comments as possible. Once people were convinced about the product, we had to generate sales. Apart from preparing a detailed sales pitch for selling the product, we also reached out to people for feedback by getting them to fill survey forms to be reviewed later.

Although I faced a few challenges trying to achieve my targets at first, but the whole experience helped me grow to be a more determined and patient. It helped me in improving my communication skills and largely influenced the way I connect with people. I gained confidence with the successful completion of every task that was assigned to me.

Going through this internship was a rewarding experience especially with Ayushi Gupta being a constant mentor person, who was really supportive and always within reach, helping us in completing our targets on time. I am glad to be part of Letinstern and to have successfully completed my first internship.

My message to new interns would be to keep an open mind at all times, no matter what path you take in your career. Go through any doors that are open to you because you may never know what they might lead you to.

Ibaridor Synnah is B.Com(Hons) student from Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi. 

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