Pick from 100 Skill Workshops, from 750 Companies, to boost your resume.

Pick from 100 Skill Workshops, from 750 Companies, to boost your resume.


Media students at a radio stationAlbert Einstein said that education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. How is this assertion by one of the greatest minds in history, of resounding significance to students today, than it was ever before?

The answer lies in life after college. All of us want exciting careers when we pass out and the job market is ready to reward our aspirations. Companies today, at any point of time, have many positions open and employers are eager to hire people straight out of college. There is a whole gamut of opportunities for fresh graduates, with equally attractive salaries on offer. Yet, most of these positions go unfilled. Why?

Because employers fail to find some key traits they want in a prospective hire. A high GPA is not one of them. The most valuable people in organizations today are the ones whose knowledge is unrestricted by college curriculum, and, is cross disciplinary. To a recruiter, an individual who has acquired a wide array of skills over time is nothing less than gold. For the recruiter, this individual is most likely to have the critical thinking capability to view complex problems innovatively, and come up with efficient solutions ­ something that a high GPA does not guarantee.

So how does one expand one’s set of skills and get ready for the industry? One easy way is through adding up skills to your CV.

Purple Squirrel Eduventures conducts engaging skill development workshops. These workshops are 1 to 2 day training programs with Industry Certification by top notch trainers & field experts. Whether you want to learn mobile app development or the most vital tricks of digital marketing, the workshops are carefully designed to deliver skills most coveted in the industry today. Students who have attended these workshops describe them to be creative with collaborative experiences where they look above and beyond the four walls of classrooms and do what Einstein would have loved them to ­ think.

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