Confessions of a Marketing Intern | Chapter One

Confessions of a Marketing Intern | Chapter One

Poppy is working as a Marketing Intern at Peach Designs, a PR and Advertising agency. Walk her way to know the most pretentious undertakings!


Marketing Intern’s Diary

Hello, Interns!

I mostly sit and wonder what is it about Advertisements? The Ads. I also think about the theory of brainwashing through “subliminal messages.” Does it happen in India as well? Can Nimbu ki shakti vala Dim bar somehow brainwash the Indian masses? Or is it something about us Indians. Well, we will find out!

Here I am with tonnes of questions to put and myriads of anecdotes to narrate.

Everyone you meet has a role to play in your life, they say. Today, I just asked my Boss and mentor a question that might have sent her chills for her child. On that note I started wondering who am I exactly and where am I actually headed with this Internship. I stay in a nihilistic state of mind for the most time of my waking hours. So, this question just drove past my mind.  But, the answer is-

People are by-products of chemical reactions, literally! 😛 People are what you Chemical Guys call it– a precipitate. We are all residues of all the action- reaction games we have been playing since we were neonates!  So am I. Well, I am pretty sure it is a complete nonsense that I just bantered. Let me educate you because CBSE didn’t!

And CBSE 2017, oh boy, the topper scored 99.6%. I could barely yank 75% and I scouted a seat in a college, in a field that I have no surety of (I will rant about it later). But do you actually blame yourself? Well, I do not. Even if I did, I would never accept it because I live in self-denial. Paradoxical, right? I really stay calm when I blame it on the CBSE and our pristine education system. Anyway, I am still grateful because now that I do not have to suffer through JEE, NEET, AIEEE, some Joint nonsensical one-day paper tests because I am already in college and it sucks. It is really hysterical how soon-to-be 3-year-olds have to get themselves “enrolled” for Kindergarten admissions! Pfft! What I find even more hysterically sad is the fact that I am studying in a College that I deeply loathe, I attend classes in subjects I detest and I am doing this PR and Advertising Internship for Peach Designs (It should be Leech Designs!) And I have no clue about it. Therefore, the crux is my boss’ daughter and her fellow to-be-classmates are totally winning at life.

And, what am I doing? Totally losing at “adulting”. Being unsatisfied and clueless.  Well, I should have sucked more on my toes back in 1994! Maybe, then I would have gotten some wisdom! But, I clearly didn’t– it is gross. So, for now, walk my way and I will show you the things that you won’t know about an office that deals with showcasing foolish and pretentious stuff about trends that people follow i.e. Advertising and Marketing.

And oh! The heck with this internship and my Boss. GTG, I think he is coming to me.

-Just a Marketing Intern, Poppy.

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