Pro Tip On How To Work Around These Colleagues: Internship Tips

Pro Tip On How To Work Around These Colleagues: Internship Tips

Here are some internship tips to help you handle the different breed of people you meet at work.


Internship tips to help you handle the various people you meet at work.
Internship tips to help you handle the various people you meet at work.

Congratulations! on getting an internship in hand and working steadily to get the first taste of what office life feels like. Now office life, while it includes lots of work and dealing with the boss, it also involves new colleagues. Colleagues- the supposed extension of your family who you are supposed to like (if you can) and spend your time and grey matter with. However, not all colleagues are perfect at colleague-ging. You need some internship tips to know how to handle them.

Here are the most species of colleagues that you will meet during your internship.

The chatter-box

This one moves around with a chatter-box for a mouth. There jaws need to move constantly for them to drive meaning of their existence. From morning to noon, to noon till late in the evening, they need to talk constantly and about everything under the sun.

From talking about the weather, to commenting on the movements of the stars to jabbering about their hard day at work, they can talk about everything and anything. Such people have all the potential to turn into a whiner and ruin your peace of mind while effectively eat on your time and space to work.

Pro Tip: Avoid hanging with them. Turn your back to them after a friendly Hi! or Hello! and busy yourself in work. Put those earphones to good use to block out their voice and get back to your work.

I want to give my 300% person

Yes, it is brilliant to be committed to your work, to try and give it your 100% under all circumstances. However, there are the committed ones, there are also the over-committed ones whose limits know no limits. They want to do everything and give it their 300%.

They are the annoying workaholics that you will have to look out for, for they can drag you in and make you feel incompetent. While they will overdo everything to absolute brilliance, you will be forced to peep inside you as the corrupt one.

Pro Tip: Let the over-enthusiast, over-committed one lose his sleep over work. You cannot borrow their super-human commitment by throwing yourself in a garbage can full of radioactive material. So, just relax!

The one batting for Nepotism

This employee is a result of favours. Favours that were done for family or friends– whichever. They landed on this designation because Uncle Joe wanted it.

TIP: Just close your eyes and count your own blessings. After all, hope is what runs this world.

The *This Means War* kind

This colleague probably lives a life of their past. Times when humans fought battles. This person believes in the concept of “everything is fair in love and war”. How so? They will go to any said limit to defeat you– even if you are not participating or fighting against them.

TIP: Just don’t stand in their way of anything. Avoid their wrath because remember “Ignorance was always bliss”.

The human version of tyranny

These humans are practically your boss’ evil clone. They will take matters (unrelated to them) into their own hands. They will boss you around so much that it gives your poor boss a run for their throne! They will nit pick your habits, work and anything they find odd.

TIP: Do not pay heed to their talks. Listen to them only if they are someone who also happens to be your friend (think about it).

Here is our list of internship tips to help you through the internship life. You got some more to add to the list? Feel free to drop a text in the comments section below. Till then, check out more internships at Letsintern and find the full-time internship or part-time internship or virtual internship of your choice.