Qualities That Will Get You An Internship In Content Writing

Qualities That Will Get You An Internship In Content Writing


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You might think you are a great writer as you can stitch words together seamlessly. However, being able to write is one thing and making that write-up to be able to attract an audience or get an internship in content writing is a completely different thing.

You need to have a full kit of marketable qualities if you want not just any internship but a good internship in content writing. But what are these qualities? Let’s find out…


Mastery of different writing styles

Of course, everyone has their unique writing style. And, it cannot be expected that you should copy someone else’s style to make yourself more marketable. However, if you really want to succeed as a content writer, then you should know how to adapt to the situation and write according to the demand of the industry and work profile.

Different kind of content creation requires a different kind of writing styles. For example, blogging requires you to be more friendly and have a conversation with the audience on a personal level. Similarly, an Ad copy is short, crisp, catchy and persuasive and requires a certain style. White papers are long and descriptive and more formal.


Great communication skills

It goes without saying that to make it big as a content writer and to grab an exciting internship in content writing, you need to have an impeccable command on grammar.

However, that is not all, your communication skills are not restricted to how sound your grammar is but how effortlessly the audience can understand you.

Even if you are big on flowery words and complicated sentences and know how to carry them off faultlessly, it might not do you a lot of good as a content writer if the audience consists of non-native speakers of the language who would prefer simpler, easy to understand words and sentences.

And, for that, you need to know and have an understanding of your audience. One of the most important tips you may get for an internship in content writing.

So, practice on being able to communicate your thoughts effectively to the reader. Reading and writing can help you achieve that. When reading, pay attention to the choice of words, the sentence structure and the flow of the story or the article.


Willingness to learn and research

Being able to research on any given topic is one of the top qualities that recruiters look for. As a budding writer, you are supposed to be constantly reading, learning, researching and growing. Have an in-depth knowledge of the subject can always help you write better articles.

The more informed you are, the better you can communicate with the audience and, the less you will try to stuff words in your articles, the more informative your work will be.

Even when applying for an internship in content writing, you need to be prepared to write on a topic you might not be aware of or might not have written about before.

Most recruiters will test your skills and ask you to write on some particular topic before taking the deal forward.

Here, you would have to bring your research skills to the fore, irrespective of the topic given and write a compelling article.

You cannot back down by saying you don’t know anything about the topic. A key quality to be successful during your internship in content writing is the willingness to diversify.


Knowledge of SEO and WordPress

As a budding writer who is seeking an internship in content writing, you would not be expected to know everything about SEO or WordPress. However, an understanding of these words can certainly give you an edge over other candidates.

You must already know that writing an article is not enough; it should have the right keywords and be SEO friendly.

Since the Search Engine algorithms change constantly, you will need to put in a lot more effort to stay updated. However, in the end, the hard work will be worth as it will allow you to apply for a better, bigger and higher paying internship in content writing.

Similarly, you should also possess some basic knowledge of WordPress and HTML. There are plenty of articles you can find online on these topics, which can give you some idea of what it is all about.

However, even if you have a fleeting knowledge on the subject, it might be enough, as long as you are determined to keep learning.


Diligence and patience

Writing an article might seem like a piece of cake but it is not always so.

If you are serious about getting a great content writing internship, then you need to be prepared to work patiently on the same article over and over again till you don’t perfect it. That means, revision and in some cases re-revision of the articles.

An important thing to note and one which any recruiter will pay attention to is how you take criticism.

You can let criticism bog you down or you can learn from it and do better.

Recruiters are always looking for writers who can take criticism in a positive light and are willing to put in double the effort to do better.

A great quality to possess as a content writer is to be your biggest critic and never be satisfied with your work. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should talk negatively to yourself but that surely means you should be the first one to admit to your mistakes and always try to find ways to keep improving your craft.

These are the top 5 qualities that will get you an internship in content writing. So, make note of them and practice to make these qualities a part of you.

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So, keep writing, keep reading and keep enjoying your work to get your dream internship and job.

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