Read How Shubham Did An Internship At Hike

Read How Shubham Did An Internship At Hike

Shubham Gupta did an internship at Hike and his story is nothing short of an inspiring tale told with enthusiasm and fervor.


The story of Shubham who did an internship at hike.
The story of Shubham who did an internship at hike.

Remember those super cute emoji? Hike Messenger changed the rules of online chatting and texting with a sweep. And while the company grew bigger and bigger with each passing day, we decided to peep into what it is like doing an internship at Hike.

Our guest intern of the day is Shubham Gupta. An avid writer, part-time blogger and a super-quick learner, Shubham found a place for his great sense of humor in Hike.

Tell us about the Company you interned for.

“I interned for Hike, a super-cool startup, managed by some brilliant like minded young employees. Innovation is their key agenda. Not only they use latest & best available technology (both in hardware & software) but they also maintain their reputation of sporting the best start-up culture.”

“Hike has always been ahead of its competitors and has collaborated with the “Make-In-India” initiative.”

What were you looking for in your internship?

“Exposure to latest technology and how it’s actually used. I wanted to put my theoretical knowledge into practical implementation, and of course, get to know about the real corporate world environment,” says Shubham who learned a lot about technology and the implementation of new ideas during his internship at Hike.

Would you recommend Letsintern to others? If yes, Why?

“Yes, Letsintern is an easy to use platform which provides smooth access to latest internships available,” says Shubham who feels all ready for the job market.

“Rather than sending your resumes to 1000’s of companies asking for internship and be disappointed, why not save time and focus what really matters? This is where Letsintern comes into picture.”

In the end, do you have any tips that can help other students in getting a good internship?

Shubham never really had to struggle to get an internship. So we had to ask him to dole out some advice for all the young people looking for internships.

“Firstly, discuss with YOURSELF where YOUR key interest actually lies. Don’t just keep on applying for internships just for sake of getting an internship.”

He further adds, “Do a little research and make a list of companies which work in the field that you are preferring. Learn the ‘basic’ about the field in which the company you are applying deals in. For example, I learned basics of Android because I knew that HIKE is a mobile -app company. It’s important to note that you do not have to be a pro in the field. Companies understand this fact that you are a fresher.”

Shubham Gupta with his pearls of wisdom is surely a great candidate to look up at.

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