Recommended Internships For Electrical Engineering Students

Recommended Internships For Electrical Engineering Students


internships for electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the core streams in the study of engineering, which stems its importance as a form of a career. And it is the internships for electrical engineering students which not only provides them the first exposure to the practical knowledge of their field of study but also make them job ready.

In today’s competitive world, internships are a must have on your resume, especially if you are eager to succeed. Internships are a great way to shape up your career and most companies prefer students with relevant internships (and experience), especially, for a fresher job opening.

Thus, useful internships for electrical engineering students are always recommended and are in high demand.

Most employers are of the notion that students who do internships have better hands-on experience and know the industry better than those who sit and observe things from the outside. These students, since they also know how the industry works, are easier to shape, educate and mold and make better-informed decisions.

Not just really standing out in the eyes of the recruiters, a good internship can also help you grow professionally. It can help you network, find a mentor and learn the tricks of success and build on your core skills which can help you immensely in the long run and which are not necessarily taught or honed in college.


Types of internships for electrical engineering students

If you have had a chance to consult your seniors in college, you’d know that most of the electrical engineering students look to do internships in PSUs or government departments dealing with power generation and distribution.

Here is a look at some of the places you can focus on getting an internship with –


Power Plants

Power plants continue to be a major source of great internship experience for electrical engineering students. With the rise of the industrial era and an increase in dependency on electricity, the demand for highly efficient power generating sources has gone up.

Coal, which continues to hold its position as a major source of electricity generation is now joined by wind, solar, thermal, tidal, and other renewable energy sources. As such, these power plants are also great options for all electrical engineering internships.



Public Sector Undertakings or PSUs can also help you learn and grow. As electrical engineering students, internships in government-run organizations can be a really great deal. By interning in PSU organizations, you get the experience of working in, both, a government organization and a private organization.

As such, these government undertakings are your best bet.

Government run agencies

Government internships are always the most recommended ones. And rightly so, as it is not so easy to crack an internship with a government run agency. But if you get through one, rest assure that you are up for some astounding career expedition ahead.

Some of the Government agencies you should be looking at –

  • DRDO
  • NitiAyog
  • PRS


Traits to develop during the internship period- 

There are a good number of traits you can, and should take special care to, develop during your internship period.

  1. The eagerness to learn new things – You might think asking questions will make you look like a fool and somehow lessen you in the eyes of your colleagues and mentors. However, that is not so.

Many students sit on their doubts because they are scared of getting judged by the rest of knowing less. But you need to keep in mind that an internship is a great learning opportunity and no one expects you to know everything.

In fact, if there is any right time to ask lots of questions without any hesitation, then it is this time.

So, develop the habit of eager curiosity during your internship tenure. Ask questions, take notes and implement changes you think will work for you

  1. When in doubt, ask for help – Asking for help from people might actually help you a lot in every phase of life. Of course, you don’t have to be completely dependent on someone or others help all the time but you should put your ego aside and seek help whenever required.

Asking for help is an extension of the willingness to learn and grow. Internships for electrical engineering students can be truly successful if you care to ask, interact, and make full use of the opportunity provided to you.

  1. Being responsible – Being responsible is an important trait that employers look for in any new hire. If you develop this quality early on in an internship then it will lay down a great foundation on which you can build your future career.

As an intern, you need to take responsibility for not just your work but you should also try to step up and help others who might need your help and come up with new ideas to do your work better or streamline the process so that it flows seamlessly.

Giving others a helping hand is beyond your job description but it can help you network, learn, build a nice reputation and take on more responsibilities.

This trait will obviously make you an asset to any future company or job you might endeavour in and your internships in electrical engineering can turn into permanent jobs offer in the companies your intern in if you continue to learn and grow and take on new responsibilities.

  1. Being a problem solver-Internships for electrical engineering students provide you withthe opportunity to experiment and expand your skills. So, use this time to emerge as a problem solver – the recruiters, your boss and colleagues will love you for it.

Try to look at things analytically and come up with the right solutions. Don’t give up on things because they appear tough; instead, see it as a challenge to do better.

  1. Build your network and communicate- Teamwork is a lot about great communication. And, the current office environment calls for people who can work in a team effectively, take on responsibilities and succeed. So, learn to network and have an open line of communication with people you work with.

Networking will also help you when you are looking for newer opportunities and want a recommendation or some help regarding any particular company or profile.

So, try and step out of your comfort zone.


Important internships you can apply for – 

Here is a list of some of the top companies in which you can look for an internship.

  1. BHEL
  2. Volkswagen 
  3. Volvo 
  4. ONGC 
  5. SAIL 
  6. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited 
  7. BSNL
  8. NPCL
  9. AAI

How to apply- 

To apply for these internships in electrical engineering, you can look up the company’s official website and go to the careers section and check out the internship openings. Alternatively, you can also have a look at the internships offered on the internship forums like LetsIntern and apply. Electrical engineering students are offered internships in many private sector technology firms as well. You can find a lot of internships for electrical engineering students in private firms on LetsIntern and apply for the same.

Another option that you have is to procure the contact details of the HR and get in touch with them directly regarding any internship opening.

When looking for an internship, you need to keep all your documents handy, like your certificates, an updated internship resume, transcripts (if required), and so on and so forth.

Electrical engineers are always in high demand. As such, finding internships for electrical engineering students won’t really be an uphill task. However, the catch is that you should apply for an internship that will open newer gates in an industry you are interested in and add on to your skills.