Featured Internship Story | Sapna Goel tells us about her social sector...

Featured Internship Story | Sapna Goel tells us about her social sector internship at ITDM.


As they say everyone has some talent but that’s derisive if you are oblivious of it. Ergo we are left bewildered and in dismay of our future. So here comes the need of self-introspection or of someone who will contemplate you and channelize your expertise in a productive direction. That’s exactly what ITDM does.

ITDM- Integrated Talent Development Mission, a youth based organization which was established in December 2012 works in different areas of social interests. It is very much active in issues concerning north east states. ITDM is expanding its horizon and is now equally active in other issues like environment, education, skill development as well.

“Minutes are worth more than money, spend them wisely. “Thomas P. murphy

So definitely I didn’t wish to let go of my holidays doing nothing. Being a college student, summer break is a perfect time to do something innovative, apart books. I wished for the same to make my holidays healing holidays. Team ITDM provided us with four options to do internships in. Social work, journalism mass and communication (JMC), art literature and creativity (ALC), and administration. Interns of JMC, and ALC got a chance to interact with venerable personalities of diverse fields and learn and practice different arts, internships in administration proved worth for civil services aspirants and social workers got to see a different aspect of life.

I did my internship in the field of social work.

We were a group of four people and decided to do something for “slum areas”. We visited slum areas of Jahangirpuri, Shahstri Park and Mansarovar.

I can promulgate that you will certainly forget about your silly problems when you will see the circumstances of slum areas which are a quintessence of how hard and painful life can be. You actually feel bad when you see their apathy, in contrast of hearing or reading about their lives which seldom makes difference.

I saw two totally different worlds. At one place we saw hapless, recluse beings failed to provide with even one time meal to their families, forget about quality education, medical facilities.

But everyone is familiar with their condition and it doesn’t make any difference unless and until you analyzed the root cause of the problem. Team ITDM expedite us fathoming the root cause and how we can unravel the issue. Team ITDM got us interacted with another world also, where we met vibrant journalists, venerable writers, kind hearted social workers who can simply live their lives in an easy and comfortable way but have sacrificed their celebrating career to something for the society.

Digressing a little, we didn’t forget to have fun. As they say, Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around in a while, you will miss it.

Team ITDM along with YFS have prepared a stage to take the responsibility of education, lack of which is the biggest impede in the development of children in these areas and we are thinking of other issues as well. I know the problem won’t get erased all of a sudden, but we should stop being cynical and take at least a step. It’s implausible to expect the government to deal with every issue, government is helping us with the preparation of policies, and the flaw is in their execution at ground level which we can correct. After my internship came to an end, I was asked to submit a report and given a certificate for completion of it.

Team ITDM is working rigorously in the achievement of their mission and helping interested students in pursuing their interests while serving the society. Team ITDM is worthy of great reverence and eulogizing, and I mean it.

Looking forward to work with ITDM repeatedly in the future.

Sapna Goel is a second year student of Economics(Hons.) at Daulat Ram College, Delhi University, New Delhi.

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