Say Cheers For This Marketing Internship With Paper Boat

Say Cheers For This Marketing Internship With Paper Boat

Life is still beautiful, Paper Boat believes. Let's take a look at how this Marketing Internship at Paper Boat can make your life even more beautiful.


Paper Boat Summer Internship
Marketing Internship At Paper Boat, 2017

“Some people work from home. At Paper Boat, we are home at work. So much so, we don’t have employees, we have relatives”, says Paper Boat. With their tagline being Life is still beautiful, Paper Boat offers a fabulous Marketing Internship in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. Add some Paper Boat flavour to your life by applying for their amazing offer, because the Paper Boat head office is a bungalow complete with a lawn and a terrace, literally!

Let’s check out what this amazing venture is offering.

Why should you apply for Marketing Internship at Paper Boat

summer Internship Paper Boat
Keep your hopes afloat with Paper Boat

Paper Boat is looking for students for a live project offering the role of their Marketing Manager. If selected, you will be required to share your understanding about the product with our consumers. You will be required to work to make an increment in the salience of the brand at the time of purchase at a modern trade store.

At Paper Boat, you will also have impromptu cricket matches in the nearby park, free lunch and lots of fun.

What you will learn:

With this venture in the marketing domain, you will gain experience and an understanding of consumer buying behaviour. You will gain an insight into the importance of 4P’s of marketing and how can you be a part of our brand story. As their Brand Executive, you will represent Paper Boat to promote their product. You will use promotional strategies that will strengthen the customer-product-service relationship and influence a large audience to buy and consume more.

Application deadline: 19th December 2017

Stipend: Rs. 4000-5000

No: of Positions: 5

Skills Required: Marketing, English Comprehension, MS Excel

Location: Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata

Roles and responsibilities: 

  • Manage the Team of College Promoters for the Brand awareness and promotions
  • Create, plan, and execute a marketing plan for Paperboat
  • Meet assigned goals related to generating new student interests
  • Deliver relevant programming to partners, organisations, and associations.
  • Maintain market presence.
  • Identify new branding opportunities.
  • Represent Paperboat a local graduate and/or professional school fairs, clubs, to network and lead presentations when appropriate.
  • Post physical branding materials as needed.
  • Direct students interested in enrolling in the appropriate sales channel

For more details and to apply online check this out.

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