SIBM presents Transcend-2017

SIBM presents Transcend-2017

SIMB's Transcend is back to push the boundaries! So, gear up and get ready for the 3 days of fun, magic, creativity and madness.


Transcend 2017

Transcend is SIBM Pune’s annual management and cultural fest is one of India’s biggest B-School Events. The fest not only gives a good break from the rigorous academic schedule but also acts as a platform where people can showcase their creativity, talent and wit in the challenging and engaging events.

Transcend 2017During the 3 day jubilation (Jan 20- 22), the event also host celebrities who make the whole atmosphere more lively and energetic with their presence and performances. With amazingly huge prizes to be won, Transcend remains quite popular among the student fraternity and attracts the best of intellect and talent. Transcend that turns 27 this time is grander and finer. Get ready to be enthralled & enamoured!

A plethora of events make sure that there is something for everyone.Transcend


Last Man Standing:Transcend 2017Many Try, Only the best succeeds with the prize of INR 2,50,000. Test of talent, endurance, cognizance and tactics.

Strategia: Break the barriers of monotony and bring out the novelty that sets one apart from the herd. Strategize to excel and innovate. Winner gets a prize of INR 1,00,000.


MarketShastra: A search for the best marketer who can face the battle and nail it with the knowledge and implementation skills. Prizes worth INR 60,000 to be won.

Chrysalis: Checks your knowledge on Human Resource. Prizes worth INR 60,000 to be won.

For the Greater Greed: A finance event! A search for the next Wall Street Czar! The winner gets a prize money of INR 60,000.

Cultural & EventsTranscend 2017

Campus Princess 2017

Transcend 2017Rampage: A fashion show!

Transcend- Fashion show

Swing in Sync: A dance competition.

War of the DJ’sWar of the DJs

Battle of the Bands

Mr & Mrs Transcend: Hunt for the smartest guy and girl.

Cinematrix: Movie making competition

Gaming Events

Choreonite: Solo Dance competition

Theatrix: Street PlayTheatrix


Transcend 2017

Want to know more? Watch the video below.

Transcend is back to push the boundaries! So, gear up and get ready for the 3 days of fun, magic, creativity and madness.




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