6 Reasons why should you be a Campus Brand Manager at frapp!

6 Reasons why should you be a Campus Brand Manager at frapp!


1. No Coffee Runs! No making presentations in office!
“Signing up for the frapp CBM programme was definitely one of the smartest decisions that I’ve made all year. We began by having the homogenous function of promoting the brand within our respective colleges. Once the app was up and running, we were all split up into different teams: Business Development, Marketing and the Blog Team. I was assigned to the blog team. The frapp blog has really boosted my ability to write and to write what I like to write about, a freedom that one does not enjoy at any other writing internship. Today I am the editor of the blog.

From this I realised that active interest and attention was given to each CBM. At our first meeting, I still recall that Armaan, one of the co-founders, had said that this will not be like every other internship, and indeed it is not. We aren’t dragged to the office for no reason, sit in a boring office all day with nothing to do and above all, we don’t have to do coffee runs.”

– Tanya Pal, St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai

2. Do what you love!
I had a hobby, a hobby to write. As a part of the CBM Programme at frapp, I was selected to be a part of the frapp blog team. Over time I have channelized my hobby of writing into a skill. I love to write and this experience at frapp helped to hone my talent!

– Monu Goyal, NM College, Mumbai

3. Chance to work full time post the programme!
“Working as a CBM was great! Being an engineer, I got to learn other things such as marketing, market research, team work and communication skills! The best part for me was to get a chance to work on a full time project internship with frapp where I could put my coding skills to test!”

– Tushar Singh, Mukesh Patel School Of Technology, Mumbai

4. Because work doesn’t feel like work at all!
Working with frapp has been an adventurous journey for me, as has widened my horizons. It’s very important for someone to love what they do, especially when interning because you’re just starting out; and the people at frapp made us love what we did because they themselves were so passionate about the company and that was so admirable and infectious. It’s been an immense pleasure working with such amazing people because they didn’t make it feel like work at all. If given a chance, I would love working with them again.

– Shibani Satpute, MMK College

5. Cool Bosses and Cooler Goodies & Freebies!
To start with, the guys at frapp are super cool and creative! You get to speak up and voice your ideas, and every idea is valued! The best part was the freebies and goodies for all of us working! Concert passes, free gym sessions, tshirts and more! It was a great worki environment, where each one of us felt like we were a part of running the company!

– Bhushan Sarafdar, St. Francis Institute of Technology

6. A true learning experience.
At frapp, we were always allowed to ask questions and clear our doubts! Even the tasks we were given had comfortable timelines. We were given due constructive feedback about things we did, whether it was the way we wrote an email or the way we had to communicate during college events and how to market the product!

We did the tasks and the work assigned to us because we loved them and not because of a sword hanging on our head!

– Sapna, Mitihibai College

frapp is looking for Campus Brand Managers in Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai!
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