Skills You Need To Make It Big As A Content Writer

Skills You Need To Make It Big As A Content Writer

Envious of the seemingly easy and beautiful career of a content writer? Know how to master the content writing skills and be a name to be reckoned with.


Once upon a time........ the story of being a content writer.
Once upon a time…….. the story of being a content writer.

Writing is an art. Whether it be J.K Rowling, Amitav Gosh or a product blogger, writing and content writing requires love and dedication. While not everyone can make it to the J.K Rowling level, you can still live a comfortable life and depend on your content writing skills to run your home. The only catch is you should know how to do it right. So, here are a few tips to help you excel as a content writer

Mastering different styles

You cannot stick to one particular genre or style when trying to make in content writing. From writing news story which rely heavily on informational paragraph rather than linguistic jingoism to blogging to writing Ad copies and white papers. As a writer, you should master all these styles and play with style and genre like you were born to do it. (which I am pretty sure you were)

Knowing the audience

Try to understand the needs and demands of your audience. You are not writing for any company, you are not even writing for yourself, you are writing for an audience which is going to invest its time to read your story. Make your article relevant for the audience.  Adopt the “buyers’ persona” to get in the mind of your audience.

Working on the title

Snappy, crispy titles work best. Your article is the doorway to your article and if the doorway is not attractive or lucrative, people won’t bother walking inside. So, choose the subject you want to work on, pick up the relevant keyword/s and craft a jazzy and interesting title to go with your article.

Your title can make people want to read on or dismiss your article as uninteresting without even going through it. Work hard on the title and harder on the meta description.

Be original

Your topic cannot be something very unique, at least not all the time. There must be thousands of articles written on the topic of your choice. However, that does not mean it is impossible for you to come up with something unique. A good writer should be able to pick up a topic and embrace it to make his own and leave his scent on every topic to make it unique.

The material might not be altogether new, but it can be distinct and different and can have a unique voice.

Be a social media wizard

Social media is can really work in your favour and pitch you as a successful content writer. A bright career in content writing involves name and recognition and social media can help you achieve that. It is virtually free and there are numerous means at your disposal to project your work and yourself.

You can build your network, meet new people, meet publishers and talk to experts in the content writing industry to make it big. The more active you will be on social media, the more followers you will have and the more things will turn in your favour.

Know these content writing tips to build your own brand name. A good way to learn about content writing would be to do internships at content writing firms or places where content writing is given a lot of value. This will help you understand the market and the audience better.

You can do both virtual internship or part-time internship or choose an area based internship. There are numerous online portals like Letsintern which play host to a lot of internships and can give you the space to choose your ideal match.