Got a Skype interview? | Here’s 6 quick tips on how...

Got a Skype interview? | Here’s 6 quick tips on how to nail one!


Sometimes the only thing standing between you and that job you want is a Skype interview. Skype calls and telephonic interviews are increasingly preferred now-a-days as they are more convenient, cut down on the travel expense, save fuel and assist employers to find the desired candidates more quickly without having to go through the time consuming face to face interview
Here are a few tips to nail your Skype interview! : )
1. Remember the basics:
An interview, whether in person or on a video call is at the end of the day a serious affair that determines your future career path and demands just as much attention. Just because you’re not meeting the interviewer in person doesn’t mean less preparation must go into it.   Have a few answers for common interview questions prepared. Do your research. Read about the course or the job description, the work culture, ethics, what you can bring to the table as a prospective employee, the services and products the organization provides, etc. 

2. Don’t air your dirty laundry in public. Like, literally.
Your surroundings can be just as important as your personal presentation.  Whether your interview is being conducted from your home or an office environment, do it in a quiet, businesslike setting, ideally in a room with less distractions. Keep the setting formal and professional. A cluttered background may not be the best impression and might send a wrong idea of your organisational skills. Get rid of the personal items. Keep your pets away, if any, while you’re at it. If you stay with family or room-mates, inform them beforehand about the interview, giving a rough estimation of the time it will take and mention that you’d want to be left alone.

3. Practice once:
This goes without saying! Having a formal conversation with someone on a video call, might not be something you’re comfortable with. It is bound to feel awkward if its your first time. Some of the conscious lot will most probably end up checking themselves out while on-call. 😛
To avoid something like that happening to you, practice. It will help you figure out where to look , what to do with your hands or how loudly to speak. “Conduct a practice interview with a friend, and record it so that you‘ll have an accurate idea of how you come across on video,” advises Cheryl Palmer, career coach and owner of Call to Career, a career coaching service. Analyse your tape and repeat the process, till you are satisfied with the result.
4.  Get your wires working:
While relying on video equipment, there’s a good chance that you can experience a technical glitch in the form of interference, weak network connection  or garbled signals. Allow plenty of time before the interview to test all equipment. If possible, try to Skype a friend before your interview and ask him/her to give you feedback on the lighting, voice quality, background etc. You could also record yourself before the interview, answer imaginary questions to practice and make sure everything is working.

5. Go ahead and cheat:
This is probably the best aspect there is to a Skype interview. You don’t really have to learn and remember everything you want to mention. “You can have notes in front of you—without your interviewer knowing,” suggests Ben Cober, director of business development and research at PGAV Destinations in St. Louis, MO. “Place your resume in front of you, news about the company, questions you want to ask and potential talking points.”
This doesn’t give you the liberty to be in complete limbo-zone, though. Make yourself familiar with your material as you don’t want to reading off the page verbatim.

6. Suit up!
Barney Stinson said it right when he did. I know the idea of a crisp formal shirt along with a tie and pyjamas sounds tempting, since the employers will just see your upper half, but here’s the catch. There have been instances where the interviewer told the interviewee to stand up or worse, what if you had to grab something from the other end of the room?  When such a situation presents, you do not want to be caught in your boxers from two days ago. Dress up and save yourself the embarrassment.

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