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6 ways to be the ace your Social Media Internship | You don’t want to miss these!


Getting paid to be on Facebook does sound like a dream job, but there is so much more that goes into being a Social Media Manager Intern. If you’ve bagged an internship this summer, where you are required to handle the Social Media for the organization, or plan to hold one in the future, following are the 6 things to help you along:

1.Facebook and Twitter just don’t cut it anymore: 

Most of us are so accustomed to Facebooking and tweeting, that we forget about all the other platforms that have almost the same number of people, just waiting to be engaged. So, branch out. Explore websites like Tumblr, Medium, Pinterest, Instagram, Outbrain and Tamboola, to create the branding of your business through relevant content, pictures and blog links. Most of these websites provide paid packages, which can be availed to reach to more users in a short time.

2. KYA- Know your audience:
>As easy as it may sound, but this is indeed one of the most important points. If you are not aware of the audience you’re catering to, it will become highly difficult to connect with them. Apart from having the basic idea such as the age group, gender and ethnicity it is vital to analyse beyond these statistics such as their mindsets, interests, needs etc. This will help build a strong connection and will certainly assist you in obtaining a much clearer picture of their expectations.

In addition to this, methods such as brand surveys, question and answer sites, focus groups, social monitoring software, social referrals to the concerned website or an industry research can prove beneficial for discovering the pulse of your audience. Try to build a relationship with your audience through significant and meaningful content, which they’d want to read and share.

3. So many, yet so ‘few’:
As a Social Media Manager Intern, your day will start with logging into all the social media websites – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, along with Google Drive, Work-mail accounts, YouTube

,blogs you’d scout for pictures, videos, articles,  internal communities specifically the ones related to our clients. With so many accounts and very few browsers, slapped with fluctuating internet speed just adds up to all the chaos in the work sphere and one ends up investing a lot of time only to find the applications not responding.

So what does one do? The trick is to create a number of Google profiles- separate them according to the required number of accounts for eg. one for work, personal data, client related etc. This will allow you to easily switch from one account to the another without much hindrance because each can be fully customized with Chrome applications, account-specific bookmarks and lots more.

4. Go beyond the magic words – Please, Sorry, Thankyou:
 As more and more people participate, one has to maintain a balance between answering the questions or queries raised by the people and the posts which are posted on an everyday basis. People need more that just a response that sounds like an autobot. Make them feel like they are talking to a real person and are in a middle of a real conversation. Let them know of a what the real problem is and give  a proper timeline. A recent survey shows that  “83 percent of companies indicate they always deal with questions or complaints sent to them via social media.” Therefore, we can deduce that online conversations turn out to be pretty fruitful. If one’s unsure as to how to address a query or a criticism, seek advice from the superiors.

5. Make it worth the read:

– Pamela Vaughan, Lead Blog Strategist at HubSpot, provides tips for better social media community management says,“Share remarkable, targeted content based on needs/interests of individual communities.Without remarkable content, your brand will have nothing valuable to share, and your community members will either dwindle, flock elsewhere, or not even bother to participate in the first place.

– It should also be easily share-able, so your community members can expand its reach by sharing it with connections in their networks.”Substantiate your content with well researched material. Enrich it with innovative presentation. Don’t just simply post something which has been been already posted.  Be creative. Add your own opinion or question. Make it interesting by adding a survey or a small questionnaire or by asking a question so that people can give their views. This can boost interaction and can also ignite discussions.

– There should be enough freedom provided to the people to voice their opinions, so make sure to keep the comment section open at all times. On a lot of occasions, people will resort to hate-speech and negativity towards your brand and/or other people on the things you post, therefore, it is important to promptly moderate everything that makes way on your Social Media Platform.

6.SEO can do wonders for you:
– Talking about the ‘intersection of social media and SEO’ is no more accurate, as they don’t just intersect; they fuse into a homogeneous effort to raise chances of increasing findability across digital platforms. However segregating these into departments won’t help much. Matt Cutts, head of the Webspam team at Google says that social signals like Twitter retweets, pins, Facebook likes, LinkedIn Shares do not impact the content’s ranking directly, however they do help in increasing the traffic.

– However, it is recommended not to overdo SEO. Though keyword density and keywords matter, but do not compromise with the quality of the content. Well written, relevant content along with good promotion shall provide a solution.
Hope the above listed points have helped you in gaining an insight on social media vitality.




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