“Software Development Internship Can Open New Avenues To Study Abroad”

“Software Development Internship Can Open New Avenues To Study Abroad”

Learn how Nisha Rana turned this Software Development Internship into a platform supporting her dreams and aspirations of landing a good job and studying abroad.


Software Developer Internship showed this intern the key to success.
Software Developer Internship showed this intern the key to success.

A Software Development internship is more than a key to get a good job. A good internship can help you pick yourself up, gain the necessary employability skills and understand the practical application of Academic curriculum and learning.

Let’s hear the story of Nisha Rana who found the right internship, at the right time and gained all the experience needed to land the perfect job.

Tell us about the company you interned for

“I worked for DKOP Labs Pvt. Ltd.,” says Nisha who did her Software Development internship with a group of highly trained professionals driven by the want to succeed.

DKOP Labs which was earlier known as DesignKOP Labs allowed Nisha to make the best use of her interpersonal skills and mingle with people who encouraged mingling and embraced her as one of their own. Taking care of her, teaching her and helping her get ready for the job market.

What were you looking for in internship

“I always wanted to do that something that would allow me to not only improve my skills-set but also give me the confidence to strive for excel.”

Nisha also intends to study abroad and this internship pushed her to challenge her fears and face competitions with ease and grace.

Would you recommend Letsintern to others

“Yes,” replies Nisha who thinks Letsintern is a brilliant platform as it addresses the needs and requirements of the young brigade to help them find good internships.

Lastly, what advice would you like to give other candidates

Nisha Rana advices patience and hard work to those looking for internships. And those who have already landed an internship, she says, “You should start working before you actually start working. That is the only way you can be not just the best, but an irreplaceable intern. Research the company well where you intend to intern and refresh your memory before you start with the work to keep the company and its audience in focus.”

That is some really good piece of advice for those looking to turn their internship stint into a long-term commitment. With that, we bid goodbye to Nisha who is currently working as an Android Developer in a leading Multi National Company.

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