Start Young and Stay Ahead

Start Young and Stay Ahead


Start Young is not a fancy term or another marketing gimmick. It is a very strong belief with the folks at Letsintern.

Malcom Gladwell, the famous author and thought leader, wrote in his book ‘Outliers’, “Researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours… the 10,000 hour rule is a definite key in success.” After years of research and data on success stories like Bill gates, The Beatles, sports stars and hundreds of billionaires, he came up with a common factor – 10,000 hours of hard work.

We did a bit of our own research and studied the lives of our heroes like Jim Morrison, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Warren Buffett, Michael Jackson, Saina Nehwal and many more to find another common trait – most of them started in their early teens, and were able to accumulate 10,000+ hours of hard work beating at their skill.

Thus, the formula to success becomes very simple – start young and work towards achieving 10,000 hours of hard work in your skill by the time you complete your 20’s. That is the only way to ensure you land the dream of success, being the best, famous and insanely rich.

Letsintern, through its various opportunities for students – internships, virtual internships, brand ambassadors, part-time jobs, tasks and volunteer opportunities – provides the right platform to discover and connect with your passion, and, most importantly, start young.

We want every student in the world to have the opportunity to start young. We bring these opportunities to your desktop, laptop and your mobile. We are making it simple for you.

For long I have believed that if you do what everyone else does, you will get what everyone else gets. We implore our members to stop following the routine of every typical college kid – college, mobiles, hangouts, Facebook and parties because then you will end up like everyone else – NOT super successful.

Start young and stay ahead. I leave you with a personal favorite video of the Hollywood superstar Will Smith.

Best of luck!

Rishabh Gupta

CEO – Letsintern




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