Welcome to the Learning Centre

Welcome to the Learning Centre

Darwin once said that only the most adaptable to change survive. If we look at the last 5 years, some of the hottest jobs available are in domains of android app development, big data, cloud computing and alternative energy. A decade back, these jobs did not exist. No education system could teach us the skills required as these jobs, ideas and technology simply did not exist. In effect, it means if you are 30, you are not trained or educated for the fastest growing jobs of today’s industry.

A few years down the line most of you will find yourself obsolete, as the technology, ideas and growing sectors of tomorrow do not even exist today. How do you prepare for such a future? This simple reality has been highlighted by many great speakers including Steve Jobs and TED speaker Ken Robinson.

You can also watch this incredible video for some cool stats.

The Learning Centre is a result of these thoughts. We realize that we cannot predict the future, but we can help you prepare for it by making you aware of the changes happening today. We will talk about how industries are shaping up, the latest trends, students creating brilliant start young stories and getting industry leaders to share their thoughts and experiences.

Awareness of the change happening is the first step in being prepared for it. We will take it a step further to our 80,000+ visitors per month and give you tips on how to sharpen your skills and be ready for this change called ‘the future’.

Initially, we start off with a fortnightly content update, but as we build more contributors we will evolve to a weekly e-magazine of sorts. In our highly networked world, collaboration is going to be a key driving force in value creation. You must check our events and online courses section, which curates some of the most exciting events and online courses to keep a tab on.

Letsintern is dedicated to enabling students across the world by assisting them to discover and connect with their passion. We hope you enjoy the Learning Centre and share it with your friends and networks!


Rishabh Gupta

CEO – Letsintern