Study Abroad: Academic Perks That Make Finland The New USA

Study Abroad: Academic Perks That Make Finland The New USA

When you want to study abroad, go Finnish this time! Finland has incredible opportunities for the all the students.


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We all knew that the best opportunity to study abroad was the United States of America, until recently (2016). Who knows what a wall can do to the opportunities, excellence and lifestyle the US has to offer to everyone in this world. But, for now, let us just redirect our focus to another fabulous land for the chance to study abroad. Below are the 5 perks that make Finland the new USA i.e. A-OK for international students.

World Class Education (For Free!)

Finland is one of the wisest options for international students aspiring to study abroad. The Finnish Universities offer top-notch educational opportunities for all. Not only that, the education there is offered for free! Finnish education system lets the teachers use a holistic approach to coaching the students. Research has shown that Finnish students score high in reading, writing, and science in comparison to their international peers.

International Community

Although Finland has only 5 million (approx) people, it has a diverse international community. International students can definitely benefit from this setup. Students from all backgrounds get to experience a strong network of support. This kind of exposure definitely provides you experiences that can be helpful to develop one’s skills, professional life and for personal development.


Did you know Helsinki, the capital city of Finland is ranked as the second safest, livable city in the world? The funny thing is, the utmost threat that a person can face is due to the wildlife! Beware on the highways because the only threat you’d find there is a moose!

Academic Excellence

Finland has a fabulous education system. Finnish students don’t start school until they are 7 and they only examination they appear for is a centralised examination at the age of 16. Right from school up until college, special courses and teachers are appointed for personal development of the pupils. The higher studies in this country are excellent and so are the universities. For international students, this is one of the most sought-after countries to study abroad.

Hone Your Communication Skills

We have been telling you about the importance of communication skills for any professional. It is no doubt that both spoken and written English are the new employability skills that recruiters seek in a potential candidate. Studying in a country where everything will be taught in English (you may also learn plenty other languages) is a great way to expose yourself to international education, global market and an overall professionally active world. Studying abroad definitely hones your communication skills and that is what you should be aiming for in order to compete in the global market.

So, what are you waiting for? Opt for Finland to study abroad and get yourself a star-studded foreign degree. Give your career a boost with these study abroad ideas.

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