Study Abroad: Fly To These European Countries For Your Bachelors

Study Abroad: Fly To These European Countries For Your Bachelors

Make up your mind, decide what you wish to excel at and board a flight to any of these European countries to study abroad.



Let us all just admit that we want the best of everything. The best of education for the best of our careers. Come on, who doesn’t want to learn from the matchless tutors, outstanding mentors to have an applaudable career? Therefore, if you weave the dream to study abroad to experience the outstanding educational standards, fasten your seat belts because you are flying to Europe.

Why Should You Study Abroad?

You should because you have nothing to lose but to experience the world under a different beat! Not only you get to travel the foreign lands, absorb the new culture and lifestyle but you expose yourself to a plethora of possibilities in every way. Well, all these can be considered assets– no matter where you migrate to and from. It is all about the experience, after all. So, you might wonder why only these European countries? It is because these countries won’t cost you much on the budget! Here is the list:

1. Spain

Many students come to Spain to acquire Spanish deftness. Lately, Spanish universities have managed to offer numerous Bachelors, Masters and even Ph.D. level courses which use English as a medium of instruction. Spain is a student friendly country with warm climate, friendly environment and has affordable living and academic expenses, especially for Indians.

Spain offers social sciences, journalism, hospitality and of course, business courses, as Spain is home to some of the most distinguished and renowned business schools.

You can find most of the international students in Barcelona and Madrid.

2. Germany

German Universities have a prestige for the high employability rate of their alumni, high performing academics, and world-class education. You may aspire to study in Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin or Koln to get exposed to the top-notch education Germany is celebrated for.

Another reason as to why Germany is a favorite spot for international students is that no public Universities is Germany charge tuition fees!

3. France

For those who live by “La vie en rose” can aspire to live a cheerful academic lifestyle. The French education is such that it will seem as if everything around you is a source of joy. So, for all those who are a sucker for happiness yet want to make the most of their career, come live your life the French way.

4. Portugal

Similar to Spain, Portugal covers a lively, friendly and laid-back atmosphere, enough reasons for many internationals to come study here. Additionally, Portugal is home to some of the oldest universities in the world, particularly hunted by students who prepare for a career in social sciences, journalism, law and even medicine. Lisbon and Porto count for the largest number of international students.

Above all that, you can enjoy the perks of low costs of education, delightful cuisines and some of the best wines!

5. Norway

The state universities and university colleges in Norway offer tuition free education for international students. The students just pay a token $50-$100 per semester.
This free education for international students extends from undergraduate program to masters degree studies and Ph.D. program. Private universities have tuition fees, however, they are also affordable but cost of living in Norway is higher than in other European countries

Top Universities for International Students in Norway: The University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and University of Tromsø
Average Tuition Fees: FREE. Public education is free for both local and international students in Norway

Hence, make up your mind to study abroad in these European Countries to reap the concrete benefits of different education styles! Moreover, you get opportunities to wrap your head around the newly found culture, international exposure, language etc. This, of course, makes you a worldlier person and grants you fresh perspectives.