Success Tips: How To Achieve More And Have A More Productive Time

Success Tips: How To Achieve More And Have A More Productive Time

Here are some success tips to motivate you, guide you, and help you go out there and grab things by the lapels.


Success Tips
Success tips to help you achieve more.

Making a list, planning things out and setting goals is not always enough. Most of us just go through the whole process of defining a timeline but end up achieving a lot less that we would want to or are capable of. With the list playing on loop you must know what you want. However, now the question is how you achieve it and how you achieve more. So, here are a few success tips to help you get just that.

1. Keep Calm

Yes, you start with a ‘Keep Calm’ message to yourself. Find your self in a comfortable space, something that takes you away from the clutter. It could be on your couch at home, or by the beach. Somewhere that you are stress-free and secure. Keep distractions away – work, friends, or any influences.

2. Introspect

Think of who you were, who you could have been, who you always wanted to or not be. Re-live experiences. Look at a mirror, or talk to yourself if you have to, but hear your inner voice. Feel the gut. Get a deeper understanding of your strengths.

Think Back: Return to past experiences.
Think Forward: Put yourself in the future and then look back. This may unlock a new perception.
Think Inward: Introspect. Understand your own feelings, emotions, about things important to you.
Think Outward. Reflect on the world around you, perhaps your everyday influences. Get an extended perspective.
Try and keep it positive, overall. See it half full.

3. Replicate

Adopt or reproduce (not necessarily kids) but those good habits that you see around yourself or within. Do those good things that you used to enjoy doing. Play. Bring positive changes in your life and around you. Learn something new.
You know what these good habits are, you might have read them in Moral Science textbooks. Know that habits are easy to adopt, only once adopted.

4. Recognize

Think of that person’s life that you’d like to live. Think of a Facebook Friend (yup, that’s a new type) whose profile page you’d want as yours. It could be the colour of the sea at the background of their cover picture, the status messages you liked and wished you had as your experience or achievement, the awesome work profile, or just how fit they look.

I assume you see something like this everyday. Don’t ignore it, or worse, don’t frown upon it. Use it to see it as something achievable, as something that you could have. Look around for inspiration, Its’ Jealousy’ v/s ‘Finding inspiration in everything that you see around you’. Don’t of course chase anything blindly, but know what you want. Recognize what you truly want.

5. Rejuvenate

Feel young. Pamper yourself. Do things that leave you feeling recharged and with the feeling that you can achieve anything! Your body will power your mind and vice – versa. Sleep well. Eat healthy. Run. Start Young, everyday!

6. Restrain

You are the only one that should have control over you. Refrain from things, or people, that you know that are not good for you.

7. Repeat

Now that you’ve gotten better at something, there is no need to stop at just one thing. Identify something else that you want to get better at. Maybe, this time you will choose something that is a bit more challenging. With the right conditioning, you could automatically do what you normally need strong willpower for. Woody Allen famously said “80% of life is showing up.”

So, put your “achieve more” hat on, follow these success tips and go out and get more. Whether it be with an internship (yes, part-time internship or virtual internship, whatever you are looking into) or a job or just college work, get more with these success tips.