Success Tips: How To Focus On Work In This World Of Distractions

Success Tips: How To Focus On Work In This World Of Distractions

Is social media creeping into your work or college life? Or you feel you spend too much time on Facebook and Instagram? Then check out these success tips.


Success tips to not be distracted by technology.
Success tips to not be distracted by technology.

Have you already checked your Facebook account 10 times since morning? Or is 10 too less a number for how many times you have just scrolled through the FB and Instagram feed? Are you constantly on Whatsapp? Even when you have got work to do? Yes? Then, my friend, you need to sit up and do away with distractions to focus better on the work at hand. And, to help you achieve that, here we are with some easy-peasy success tips.

The cost of distraction

The notification bar lighting up every few minutes or the urge for you to check your phone every few minutes can actually do you a world of harm. For starters, distraction can make you lose more than 2 hours of effective, productive work. That means, that all the time you spent sitting late during your winter internship or full-time internship could have been avoided had you stayed more focused.

On an average, it takes 11 minutes into the work to get distracted and a huge 25 minutes to regain the focus and start working again. And, that is not the only thing. All this distraction can significantly lower your IQ and no amount of funny memes is worth that.

Arming against distraction

To arm yourself against distraction, you need to put all your arms down and have a free, open space to work. De-clutter your table and remove everything that does not speak work and can potentially distract you. Keeping the work area nice and spacey and more especially organised can help you stay more focused.

Make sure that the space right in front of you is clear too. Writings on the board ahead of paintings or any such thing can be extremely distracting. The plainer the wall, the less area for you to lose yourself in.


Don’t such organise the huge pile of paper sitting on your desk, organise your day too. Have a timetable and jot down things you intend to take up on that particular day. Prioritize your task by keeping the most important for the very start of the day.

Set a minimum goal first and work on achieving that. You will soon realise that your potential will expand and you will be able to achieve more and more with each day. And whenever you start with your work, give yourself 50 minutes of non-stop advantage of focusing on just one task at hand. After every 50 minutes, take a break for 15 minutes or so and try to keep your hands away from the phone even during the break.

Social media detox

Social media detox sounds very fancy but works wonders. Every workplace needs you to focus completely on the task at hand (no multi-tasking is not a great idea) and to do so you should stay away from social media as much as possible. In today’s time and age, social media is the biggest distraction that there is and therefore the most important of success tips point at a social media detox.

To start on your journey of social media detox, you should first draw a timetable on when you are going to use your phone. This will help you limit the usage and keep you focused. When you are working, you can put your phone on silent and away or just switch it off. You will realise how much more work you can get done once you are done.

So, follow these success tips to get less distracted and achieve so much more from a day and make it more fulfilling.