How To Be A Star Intern In Your Summer Internship

How To Be A Star Intern In Your Summer Internship

Don’t relax after getting a summer internship, prepare through these steps to become a star performer and turn that internship to a job.


Rise into your summer internship with these intern preparation tips. (Ten Health)
Rise into your summer internship with these intern preparation tips. (Ten Health)

Congratulations. You have made it through to one of the many coveted summer internships in 2017! Getting the internship was the first hurdle crossed; an important one for sure. It is the next steps that will decide on how fruitful your internship will be and the learning outcomes and experience you gain from it.

First impressions at work matter and if you are present on the first day at work as a smart, knowledgeable intern then you are set for a productive summer ahead and maybe even a pre-placement job offer! Follow these steps to prepare for your summer internship in advance and impress your manager at the internship –

Start following the company

Hopefully, by now you are aware of what your summer internship organisation does and know their businesses. A great way to step up on this is to follow the company on the news and social media. You can simply create a Google Alert for any news related to the company across the world, as well as follow all their social media channels.

This will keep you abreast of all the happenings and it will be easy to make great conversation at your workplace with your seniors. To notch this further, keep a look out for general industry news and trends as well, this will give you a head start for any research or projects you might have to take up during your internship.

Brushing up on your knowledge

You would have been hired for a particular function or department as an intern. The reason why many companies hire students is because students are fresh in their perspective and academically inclined with a grasp of theoretical knowledge.

While you would have refreshed on your academics for final exams, it will be great if you also brushed on previous years of subjects and ensure you are solid with the industry and subject terminology. Using the right jargon and conceptual knowledge is vital to making a positive impact on your manager.

Improve soft skills

The summer internship is your first foray into the corporate world and your chance to learn and shine at your workplace. Employers value the soft skills of interns more than their hard skills as they are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic to learn and capable of conducting themselves efficiently.

Join a public speaking class or club like Toastmasters to learn how to address an audience or give a presentation. Most internships end with a presentation to the top management and if you prepare over a few months then you can face any audience. Also, learn how to write effectively, take an online course in creative writing or business writing, this will set you apart for sure.

Prepare for report writing

Even if your organisation does not need a report to be submitted, your college will want a project or research report to be submitted after you complete your internship. You will not have time during your internship to sit and go through the details of compiling a report.

Instead, refer to reports from your seniors from the library, make notes of what would be required to compile a report so that as and when you are undergoing the internship you can work on the report as well. This will make your life easy and you can submit a great report at college in time!

Get your reading hat on and start preparing for your summer internship. And if you are still looking out for summer internships then we have a ton of awesome opportunities for you.