Summer Internship in 2018 | 5 Epic Goof-Ups Interns Do

Summer Internship in 2018 | 5 Epic Goof-Ups Interns Do

Everyone makes mistakes and so do interns. Read on to know which goof-ups you should avoid as an intern for a Summer Internship in 2018 and how you can ease the situation.


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You are bound to commit mistakes because you are human (webtools)

There have been incidents where interns have goofed up. So much that there was this one incident where the intern took the entire world by surprise and his office throng by shock BECAUSE HE PUT UP THE ENTIRE OFFICE INTO FLAMES (accidentally, of course)! Do you want such footage all to yourself in your Summer Internship in 2018? Well, if you nod in negation then let us tell you which silly mistakes you shall totally avoid in your Summer Internship in 2018.

1. Forgetting to check your work


This is the only thing asked of you– to work. And if you happen to forget that one thing, you goofed up! Maybe you sent a wrong E-mail or you sent on to the wrong recipient(s). You might have missed certain point etc. For example, this lovely intern prepared a draft to send to multiple recipients but accidentally hit the “send” button with the crude draft. The draft read:

We (Insert Name) 

Blah Blah Blah 

Thanks (Insert name)

Did this? Then this is what you should do: Install an undo/recall mail feature (available for Gmail and most email platforms) and you can recall them if you accidentally hit send.

2. Doing it all wrong

Making mistakes is Ok, if you're able to realise them quickly and correct them.

Yes, you erred.

This includes tasks turning into blunders. It can include not cleaning/ preparing the boardroom for the next meeting. Or not putting the files in the correct folder/ places. Accidentally exchanging the packages. It also means pushing the wrong button on the vending machine and hence pushing your boss’ buttons which can cost you your Summer Internship in 2018. So, make sure you don’t do such blunders.

Once, a fine intern plugged out the main server cable, in order to plug his phone’s charger. WOW.

Did this? Then this is what you should do: Ask questions. Exercise mindfulness and think before you do anything! ANYTHING!

3. The NSFW gig

Be careful about what you choose to share.
Be careful about what you choose to share.

NO, NADA, DON’T. Whatever negation your brain understands, use it. Do not ever try to even watch/use/be related to pictures, videos or even jokes that are highly NSFW (Not Suitable For Work). Once, an intern accidentally sent “haww pictures” to every employee on this mailing list, instead of his peer! So, if you can imagine the levels of embarrassment this gentleman must have gone through, kindly stay clear of the likes.

Did this? Then this is what you should do: Err on the side of caution. If you would not be comfortable receiving an NSFW from colleagues, your boss or other co-workers, don’t send it. Remember how to recall messages or send an apology immediately.

4. Stealing office Supplies

Do not steal - at work or in life!
Do not steal – at work or in life!

Agree or not office stationery items are tempting! Maybe because it’s uber cool or all for free. Whatever is the case there have been office scenes where employees tend to steal office supplies. So, at any cost DO NOT steal from your office, because that is so not cool! And the day you get caught will be a day when you won’t find enough water to drown and hide in.

Did this? Then this is what you should do: KEEP IT Back. Replace if you had to take something and let people know – so that there’s no unfavorable chatter behind your back.

5. Bringing your pet to the office

giphy (4)

As an intern, thou shall not bring anything that breathes (other than yourself) to the office. Personally, I would love to make this a mandatory “skill’ to own a dog in order to be hired, but that’s me 😛 Pets/ siblings/ plants/ anything that has a respiratory system shall not accompany you. Period.

Other than these goof-ups, there are certain B level mistakes that you might be making, like not dressing properly, failing in understanding the company’s culture or may be getting too comfortable or not trying to gel with employees other than your age group etc. There is N number of blunders that you might be doing and it’s okay. The key is to acknowledge them and own up to them and later trying your best to not repeat them.

Have a happy Summer Internship in 2018! Let us know your blooper stories in the comments. You might also like:

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