Summer Internship in 2018 | Architectural Internships in Delhi NCR

Summer Internship in 2018 | Architectural Internships in Delhi NCR

Give your Architectural Aptitude a hike by applying for a Summer Internship in 2018 at architectural offices in Delhi NCR. Read on to know more.


Summer Internships in 2017
Architectural Summer Internships in 2017 (webindia123)

Elevations, Sections, Plans, 3D views, Sketchup and of course Photoshop— if all these tools sound more than familiar to you and you happen to share a love-hate bond with these, you are bound to be an Architecture Student! Architecture is not about establishing concrete jungles or even making everything go green. It is the art and science to make the spaces smart and habitable. Let us guide you through the much-awaited process of a Summer Internship in 2018 in an Architectural Firm.

A Summer Internship in 2018

Almost every Architecture college in India has in its curriculum a Summer Internship which lasts for one semester (July to December). Generally, colleges send 4th-year students for Summer Internships. Some colleges ask for an internship experience once the students are done with their theses– after their 4th year which lasts for one complete year.

Duration: 6 months or 1 year (depending on Colleges)

Skills required: B.Ach degree/ diploma

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit Google Sketchup, Photoshop,
  • Google Sketchup
  • Photoshop
  • Building By- Laws (State Specific)
  • Applicants shall be fully versed in architectural standards and
  • Sustainability standards such as GRIHA, LEED and ECBC

Stipend offered: Most of the firms in Delhi NCR offer up to Rs. 8,000 per month

Things to know: A student can join any architectural firm that may be based on housing, conservation, landscaping, architectural journalism, town planning and construction. Students should make sure to get an appointment letter and an Internship certificate from the Architect/ Firm they worked for.

Top Architectural Firms in Delhi NCR

Summer Internships in 2017
Top Architectural Firms in Delhi NCR (designmena)

B.Arch students can apply for a Summer Internship in 2017 in an Architectural firm by submitting their CV and Port Folio of their work (academic and non-academic) to the firms or architects they wish to work for. Once applied, wait patiently for the response.



The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) was founded in 1984 in New Delhi with the vision to spearhead heritage awareness and conservation in India. In the past 31 years, INTACH has pioneered the conservation and preservation of not just our natural and built heritage but intangible heritage as well. If you are an aspirant who wishes to make a career in Architectural Conservation, send your resume to INTACH.



“Archohm is a one stop shop, where a city and a chair are being designed simultaneously under one roof. A deliberate attempt has been made to work across diverse scales in order to focus thoroughly on design” — promoting their brilliance and fabulous projects on their website, ARCHOHM offers internships where the students can learn the nuances of design.



Morphogenesis is an internationally known, one of the leading Architecture firms from India. Established in 1996, the firm is based out of New Delhi and has architects who are practised in specialisations like Interior design, Masterplanning, Urban design, Landscape design & Environmental design. Keen on learning from the best? Apply to this brilliant firm. They also hire interns as full-time employees, iff they happen to represent their best.


MKEC_Figure 15

ARCOP offers opportunities in Architecture, Planning, Urban Design and Interior Design. Established with the aim to modify the created spaces in the way that thy serve the best for the user. Their designs are functionally compatible with the forms. If you wish to intern in the above-mentioned sector of architecture, apply for your Summer Internship in 2017.

5. SPACES Architects @Ka


Polished to excellence in offering services in Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality and Institutional design, Spaces Architects @ka offers internships which aim at providing a comprehensive and in-depth learning of the ways of the architectural practices that students can apply for their jobs. Apply to this esteemed company, if you wish to know all about that space!

These are the checkpoints that are necessary to opt for a Summer Internship in 2018 in an Architectural firm. Do not forget to back your files up, after your Internship. 🙂

CON: There is only one thing that you will lose sleep. And I am guessing your Architectural College has already made you accustomed to this!  😉

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