Summer Internship in 2017 | Get started with writing a Successful Cover...

Summer Internship in 2017 | Get started with writing a Successful Cover Letter

Read to know the 6 simple tips of how to make your cover letter stand out.


cover letter tipsWriting a good cover letter is your first shot at getting noticed. There might be many questions that arise in your mind when you think of writing a cover letter: Is it necessary? How is it different from a resume? How do I structure my cover letter? What should I include in my cover letter? Do I need to write a new cover letter for every job I apply? These questions and confusions are quite common and prevalent. So, to make your job/internship search simple follow these 6 tips to know what makes a great cover letter:-

Keep it short and effective

Your resume must be impressive but if your cover letter is not equally impressive, it is quite possible that your resume will not get noticed. Research says that a hiring manager spends around 20 seconds reading a cover letter. So, try and make your cover letter short, simple and effective. Cover letter is not the space to elaborate on everything, you have your resume for that. Pull out your most impressive skills and accomplishments, and then provide some additional information about those. Express your enthusiasm, passion, and focus on what you want to achieve. Employers always like to hire employees who are sorted and focused about their career.

Your cover letter and resume are different

Try not to duplicate your resume. Always remember that your cover letter is not same as your resume. Provide the edited and juicy highlights from your resume. Your cover letter is your chance to expand on anything you couldn’t squeeze into your resume. Also, do not forget to explain why you are a great fit for the organization.

Keep your education history to a minimum

Unless you are a fresher there is no need to talk about your degrees beyond one or two sentences. Stress should be given on your work experience, skills, accomplishments, achievements and your personality. Everything else that the employer wants to know is there on your resume. Again, keep it short, crisp and to the point.

Modify/Change your cover letter for Every Job Application

If you are of the impression that you can send the same cover letter to every company you apply for, you are completely killing your chances. Your cover letter must be tailored for every job application. Also, make sure that you go through the company website, their social media accounts, blog posts to know more about the company. Then you can make your cover letter on the same tone and style.

Try to promote yourself

It is always better to give instances and examples that can talk about your skills, strengths and achievements. It is alright to show off a bit in your cover letter (not too much though!) Your cover letter is an opportunity to talk about all those achievements and acknowledgment that you received in your past. Also, the letter should show that you are confident and well suited for the job.

Be professional

Be as professional as you can. Never complain about anything in your cover letter- your previous employers, your current situation or anything of that sort. Employers like people who learn from their bad experiences and move forward. Your cover letter just requires a couple of short paragraphs that shows off your personality, knowledge of the company and your seriousness to join the organization

Keep these tips in mind for your next cover letter and you are sure to get noticed amongst the rest.