Summer Internships in 2017| 5 ways to make your boss acknowledge you

Summer Internships in 2017| 5 ways to make your boss acknowledge you

Summer Internships in 2017 can be more than fun if you feel valued. Read on to know how to make sure your boss knows you.


Summer Internships in 2017
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Keen on a smooth road to your chosen career path? Then, intern. Internships are opportunities which allow you to glance at the work-world, without actually having any strings attached! Summer Internships in 2017 can be all the more fun iff your boss is a delight! Finding such a boss isn’t easy – few of them are! You can, however, with hard work and these tips, convert them into one.

Let’s break down 5 ways for you to make sure your boss is aware of your paltry existence.

Bombard them with your questions


No, not literally! But as an intern, it should be your religion to ask as many as questions during your internship. And? Think before asking them. Why do you ask? Inquisitive interns are always fun. Remember curious, not annoying. Keep the subtlety intact and who knows your boss might just jot your name down in his mental notepad!

Be precise, be prompt and be punctual


Forget that a word called as “late” is coined in Oxford dictionary. As an intern, you do not have the privilege to do anything with time but to be judicial about it! Always be on time, meet your deadlines. Rather beat your deadlines– even if it means to get your Alpha his coffee 10 minutes early.

Offer solutions instead of announcing problems


Every firm functions in a wavy cycle. Employees are aware of every situation- the good and the bad. You might just be your boss’s fav if you come up with a solution to a problem. Instead of talking about the problem and waiting for the Top dog to instruct you, let your boss know what solutions you think can be implied and let him guide you. Doing this makes you a person who is active in dealing with stuff, which is totally desirable!

Show your dedication towards the firm


It need not be an honest display. Put an act if you have to. Make sure your boss knows how much you truly appreciate the opportunity you have been given. Let them believe you love what you do and will always be loyal to your boss’s visions. One quick suggestion- try interning in companies you can be dedicated to.

Ask about their personal experiences


There is nothing wrong in asking people about their own life experiences. Ask your boss about their internship or days at the first job. Remember to connect but in a totally non-creepy, professional way. When you show that you look up to them, your boss just might want to take initiatives to make sure you are polished well!

These are the 5 tips that can be used. Other than all that, never ever forget to be grateful- in office and in life. Let us know your experiences during your Summer Internship in 2017.

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