Summer Internships and Hackathon To Carry You Forward

Summer Internships and Hackathon To Carry You Forward

Now summer internships and a good run of Hackathon can help you grab the job you want and make you future ready. Read on to know what it is all about...


Secure your future with summer internships and Hackathon.
Secure your future with summer internships and Hackathon.

The term in focus today is “Hackathon”. Yes, it is the same Hackathon you read about every now and then. Except this time Hackathon along with your summer internships can you the job you want.

Companies, especially multinational companies are conducting 24 hour long Hackathons to select the best out of all engineering students. The trend first came to notice when a US based company operating out of Bengaluru conducted an extensive Hackathon for fresher jobs. Out of around 2,000 resumes that the company received, they selected 120 students for the mind and skill test exercise.

The candidates were selected on the basis of their resume and how much experience they have. That is, how many summer internships they were part of, how many virtual internships they did and so on. All this helped them bring the number down to 120 from 2000 and be a part of this extensive drive.

The selected candidates were asked to develop a game that would allow the physically challenged to get the necessary training in data entry. The experience, as one of the candidates pointed out, was “awesome”.

“It’s a great way to test a person’s ability to come up with a software solution in the form of a game within a day.”

With India’s employability skills still in question, most companies want the fresh recruits to know what they are getting into. They also want to select the best candidates; candidates who can perform well under pressure, come up with innovative solutions and can work hard. Hackathon is the perfect answer to all that the companies look for.

Not only that, it has also come up as a perfect space for students who haven’t scored well academically to rise and shine. The test is meant to judge them completely on their skills and as long as they have got the skills, they are sorted. The only thing they need to maintain is a good work background, complete with experiences from summer internships and the likes.

Hackathon is grabbing the imagination of the companies and students alike. From IIT Delhi to the EY, all are realising the attractive, yet completely reliable capacity of Hackathons and are welcoming it with open arms.