Summer Internships in 2018 | 5 Apps to take quick notes in...

Summer Internships in 2018 | 5 Apps to take quick notes in office

Get digital, get going. Make your Summer Internship in 2018 an easy job simulation with these 5 apps which suitable for note taking.


Summer Internship in 2017
Note making made easy (mydistributionlaw)

Note making is a task that can make your work life super easy. Make sure you pay attention, do the mindful listening. You should organise your notes so that they are handy when needed. Opting for one of the many Summer Internships in 2018 is a chance to put your foot in the professional door. Utilise this time to make sure you take home some work tips and a worthy experience. For an era that is fancied as Digital India, let’s explore which 5 apps can be handy for your Summer Internship.

ZOHO Notebook

Summer Internships in 2017
Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is a  free note taking app. The app is available for both iOS and Android and is lightweight. Zoho Notebook allows for an unlimited storage with a max file upload size of 50MB. It works great for jotting down notes, checklists, to-do lists, and more detailed journal entries.

The input can be simple text, or can include images, checklists, and recorded audio, and a variety of gesture commands and batch operations make it easy to use and group notes together and organise them into notebooks. The multi-device syncing feature ensures that your notes are on every device you own.


Summer Internship in 2017
Any.Do Mobile Note taking app ( positions itself less as a to-do manager and more a productivity “accelerator.” Its headlining feature is undoubted “Moments,” a daily planner that helps you to prioritise the upcoming day’s tasks. It takes the form of a unified timeline that shows the notes, reminders, and appointments you have scheduled in the next few hours.

The best part? Once you finish checking items off your Moments list, you get a random motivational message and pleasant chime.


Summer Internship in 2017
Make your Summer Internship in 2017 easy with Todoist (Todoist)

Todoist, much like, is far more capable than your average to-do app. A few of its major differentiators is offline support and automatic backups. If you find yourself without Wi-Fi, the service’s apps will show you the last couple of tasks you added, replete with due dates and time stamps.

When an internet connection is readily available, Todoist will save every major change you make to the cloud as a revision. Mistakenly delete a bunch of tasks? Not to worry — you can restore the dashboard’s last known good configuration. Todoist, unfortunately, places serious limitations on free accounts.

Remember the Milk

Summer Internship in 2017
Remember the Milk app (entrepreneur)

You can create to-dos, of course, and attach things like due dates, tags, notes, and the estimated time a task might take to complete. Remember the Milk features natural language recognition. Simply type a due date as part of task — e.g., “today” — and it will schedule an appropriate reminder. Furthermore, Remember the Milk allows you to set permissions restrictions on task editing and writing if, say, you want Aunt Bertha to be able to read the week’s grocery list but not amend it.


Summer Internship in 2017
Diaro Mobile App (s4galaxy)

Diaro (Android, iOS) is a note taking an app with numerous features for organising your data and helping make each more easy to access. Users can create journal entries, attach images, add tags and geotags, and protect them with a PIN. Entries can be viewed in a chronological list or sorted into folders.

Search tools provide a number of filters so that you can get at just the entry you want. Users can configure the interface colour theme, and a premium pro feature removes ads and allows for multi-device syncing.

Other than Evernote, OneNote and Notes (iOS), these are our best picks. You can always keep the old school jotter with you– just in case your phone’s battery dies! Let’s us know your views in the comments.

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