Summer Internships in 2018 | 5 Conversation Starters for your Office Colleagues

Summer Internships in 2018 | 5 Conversation Starters for your Office Colleagues

Introvert or an Extrovert, build your network with these conversation starters in your Summer Internships in 2018.


Summer Internship in 2018
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For all the minions working through their Summer Internships in 2018, here is a little update: The bitter (but better) part of your adult life will be spent in your office. Right now, you are inside the protective shell of an Office Simulator called as Internship, but pretty soon things are going to get real. In an office, you need to build your network and socialise. Your professional code of conduct will definitely up your career graph. Below are the few icebreakers you can practise to know your colleagues in your Summer Internships in 2018.

Yes, you should smile often and be amicable to everyone around you. Your body language should be welcoming. To start off with conversations, you can still practise the cliched trick of giving genuine compliments.

Ask and Offer Help

The best way to break the professional ice is to ask help from your colleagues. It is the safest because no one will refuse to help. You should not go overboard with it, though. Don’t ask for assistance that reeks the obvious. Also, you should offer help. You can ask your seniors to offer to get their coffee or write a document for them, even if it’s not asked of you. Offer help with a smile and build your network.

The FoodTalk Sessions

Whenever you see a chance, grab it! In your Summer Internships in 2018, you will find your colleagues talking about their lunch or dinner. Take advantage of that. Talk about food, places to order from near your office. The pantry or office Cafeteria can help you socialise a lot. You can also offer your food when you are in a group lunch or coffee break.

Talk about Routines

Anything that is common between two people is bound to connect them! That’s plain biology. You have higher chances of connecting with people that you find similarities in. Now, the trick here is, you can start conversations with people about usual things like traffic, roads, the routes everyone takes to reach the office. This gives a chance to start a casual conservation without seeming desperate.

Ask them Few Things about themselves

No, I do not suggest to get personal because everyone reacts differently. What you can try is ask them questions about their job role and responsibilities in the company. You simply ask someone about their day. Be respectful and pay attention when they do respond.

Be aware of current affairs and updates

Another way to start conversations with colleagues is to initiate or participate in conversation related to the current events. There is so much happening in the world, you just need to do your homework. Keep yourself updated with the controversial as well as positive news updates and current affairs.

Well, good luck smashing that ice in your Summer Internships in 2018. Let us know if you have any questions. You might also like:

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