Summer Internships in 2018 | Office Areas Every Intern Should Know

Summer Internships in 2018 | Office Areas Every Intern Should Know

Interning in a real office during your stint in summer internships in 2018 will be a breeze, as soon as you fix this map of your office in your mind.


The ideal office map every intern should know.
The ideal office map every intern should know.

During your summer internship in 2018, you will be introduced to the working world. It might make you happy or even bamboozle you! Check out our list of office areas every intern should know by heart. Read on to know which nook you should keep your eyes on and which one you should stay clear from.

The non-human machinery

As a summer intern, you could end up with a close relationship with the copier machine. (Giphy)
As a summer intern, you could develop a relationship with the copier. (Giphy)

Unfortunately, the paperless era hasn’t arrived. Every office requires papers, documents, and other fancy paperwork. For such tasks, offices are equipped with machines like copiers, fax machines, scanners, printers etc. As an intern, you should know where these gadgets sit still. Moreover, it’s mostly interns who are asked to use them, if you are not assigned any work! You could also use to get bulk resume copies. Or get a quick copy of your summer internship paperwork.

Conference rooms:

Know all conference and meeting rooms. (Giphy)
Know all conference and meeting rooms. (Giphy)

This physical space is where all the engagements are practised. This room absorbs all the strategies, confidential meetings, policy-making sessions and all that ish. As an intern, you might be asked to be in charge of taking care of the availability of these spaces. You might also be asked to keep a check if conference rooms are ready and clean before a session. So, be aware and keep notes.

Couch for all the potatoes:

A point for hitting it right. (Giphy)
A point for hitting it right. (Giphy)

Every work professional is in a way a couch potato. And we all agree on the fact that office chairs at times suck. It’s not only annoying but downright unhealthy to sit in the postures we all do! Keep your eyes on the best couch that is placed in the lounge for you may never know when you have to crash while looking for general peace in the office space!

Cups of Coffee

Have you had a cup of coffee yet? (Giphy)
Have you had a cup of coffee yet? (Giphy)

Get your dose of black ink in a cup from that vending machine that’s best friends with every employee. Push its buttons when you have to and enjoy whatever may come! Know where this lovely gizmo is seated proudly in your work premises, as you work through the days of your summer internships in 2018.

AC, your spot, light ventilated seat


Find your spot, fixate your bum on the place it loves to be. Find a super ventilated place that is well lit. Try or benefits like privacy, air conditioning and whatever gets your freak on.

Loo- your weeping hide out


Gone are the days when you could relentlessly cry and give no damns about your onlookers! But now you have practically entered adult life. There will be days when you just want to be sad and maybe shed a tear or hundred. Loo is the place to go! And if you are not a fan of the unconventional, you could use the loo for calls Mother Nature places on you.

Nearby areas to run to

Have a quick bite. (Love with food blog)
Have a quick bite. (Love with food blog)

We all have those gloomy days when only food can make us elated. As an intern, trust me you will have more such days! Keep a track of areas nearby your office for you to run to. These areas could be a hip restaurant or a garden or a food stall- whatever teeters your totter! Just make sure it’s in the vicinity.

The IT Guy


This human is your superhero. This guy has the solutions to all your technical problems. You must know him. Others that also might be from the heroic clan are- Accounts person, HR, the Finance person and the janitor. In contrast, this could be you – opt for IT internships, HR Internships, finance internships or even others.

Smoking premises:


You might be a nicotine addict or someone who just started. Whatever, just be aware of this area as this is where most of your colleagues blow off some steam. This is a great place to befriend people. After all, smoking buddies are the best buddies.

The alpha of the enterprise


You might really want to be aware of his/ her territory. Boss asking for a meeting might be about nothing but work. But when he/she summons you to the office- acknowledge that glass door and keep pondering what is it about!

Keep in mind these areas and have fun at your office! Let us know your experience in the comments.