Changing campus recruitment scenarios | TCS goes digital. Wipro,too.

Changing campus recruitment scenarios | TCS goes digital. Wipro,too.


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) which is recognized as one of India’s leading software giants has decided to completely digitalize its campus recruitment process starting this year in an attempt to stay connected with the current generation of recruits. Now the students can easily do everything from applying to receiving their joining letter through an online recruitment portal called the NextStep that has been set up by TCS itself.

TCS currently has a tie up with more than 450 colleges for recruitment and has earlier announced that they plan on hiring around 25,000 students across the country for the year 2013-14.

After the candidates are referred by the placement officer of the college, the students can register on NextStep. Once the qualifications and other personal details that they enter at the time of registration are verified, they have to take an online aptitude test, through the testing tool called Touchstone, that evaluates the students’ technical and verbal ability.

According to Ajoy Mukherjee, executive vice-president and global head of human resources,TCS, once the test scores of the students are recorded, the qualifying students will proceed for interviews which right now is the only manual phase in the entire recruitment procedure.

“But even there, the interviewer records his feedback and his evaluation on a hand held device, and the rest of the steps follow from that,” he adds.

In the end, an offer letter is generated and sent to the students who have managed to clear the interview round. This offer letter can be read, accepted and downloaded by using a mobile app. The joining letter follows the same suit.

“This has also allowed us to prevent fraud and curb the cases of fake offer letters people have been given in exchange for money,” Mukherjee was quoted saying.

Apart from this, students can also make use of Campus Commune – a social networking site created by the company to encourage learning through discussion and interaction with other students present on the online community, as well as the TCS employees that are open to providing mentorship. They can also take part in contests such as Mobeel, TestImony, EngiNX, Codevita and more to earn job offers, personal – mentorship opportunities,company visits,etc as rewards.

“On an average we find youngsters spending over 20 minutes on the site, which indicates a strong interest in it,” says Mukherjee.

Wipro also launched a similar social learning portal called the Wipro Campus Arena, to provide students with a platform where they can utilize their creative energy for development of necessary skill set by using the essential tools and framework to understand     the nuances of future technologies like HTML 5, Android, iOS, Cloud, VLSI and other open source platforms. Like Campus Commune, they also run various contests, forums, polls to keep students engaged. They launched a large scale AppLife Contest, in 2012, where they called entries from engineering students all over the country, asking them to challenge their technical and logical skills to develop mobile applications that can serve useful for businesses and enterprises.

“Today students require a hands-on experience coupled with adequate exposure to industry veterans to really hone their skills. The Wipro AppLife Contest provides the perfect platform for both and helps Wipro to identify and nurture this young talent.”, says Gaurav Dhall, Global Head, Mobility Solutions, Wipro Technologies.

Seeing the remarkable response that it generated last year, Wipro is now back with the Applife contest 2013 where the winner gets assistance from Wipro to convert his mobile app into a real time application.




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