The American Dream: 4 Reasons To Still Consider The US To Study...

The American Dream: 4 Reasons To Still Consider The US To Study Abroad

If like me you have an American Dream, turn it into a fabulous reality! Study abroad, have the time of your life in the States. :)


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Study Abroad: The American Dream (punjabkesari)

The Statue of Liberty, America has seven rays on its crown. These seven rays of glory represent the seven continents. This icon of freedom and togetherness welcomes the entire world. We all believed in this until Trump decided to build walls. Nonetheless, there are still reasons you should consider the USA if you want to study abroad.

Study Abroad: Fly away to the USA

1. Variety Of Academic Opportunities

This country has thousands of esteemed colleges and universities standing tall on its honourable lands. These universities provide peerless academic opportunities for everyone. Not only that, you can also choose from varying subjects. Your academic qualification(s) can include subjects in which you wish to specialise and a few others which you want to learn. The opportunity to study abroad gets a whole new revamped outlook as students from all across the globe have many varieties of subjects and combinations to choose from.

2. Educational Excellence

Colleges in the USA are famed for their legendary campus life experiences. When you decide to study in the USA, you not only choose to broaden your educational horizons but you get plenty of chances to dwell into myriads of culture, which obviously enables you to have a practical approach toward life. The educational excellence in USA based colleges is matchless. Not only they offer teachings with a technology-driven, holistic and skill-related approach, their degrees have international recognition. Moreover, if you are inclined towards research-based studies, American Universities are the wisest option.

3. Scope For International Students

For international students, the USA is the paramount choice one can have to study abroad. Why, do you ask? The American Universities provide excellent services for international students. These American educational centres stress on providing and maintaining the cultural diversity they have. Not only this, international students have access to research programs, graduate assistantships, summer fellowships etc which help students earn a stipend as well.  International students can earn and learn at the same time in your graduate programs (Masters/PhD).

4. The Ivy League Colleges

The Ivy league consists of these institutes: Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pensylvania, Princeton University, Yale University. These elite colleges are highly selective when it comes in terms of their admissions. Ivy league colleges offer great networking, highly successful career paths, pristine degrees and of course, the famed education and campus life.

Also, Because It’s The States!

Do I even need to elaborate this? Imagine the golden chance of having to study abroad in a place where you have such remarkably supreme educational opportunities, facilities, high standard of living and quality of life. Of course, it is a tad bit harder for an international student, but once you get going and you get through, who can stop you?

Bonus perks: You get to grab these into your life-

  • Communication skills
  • Hands-on training
  • Widened perspectives about life, in general
  • Exposure to multitudes of cultures
  • Growth; personal and academic
  • Global market
  • Exposure to a widened job market

So, what are you waiting for? Opt for the States to study abroad and get yourself a star-studded foreign degree. Give your career a boost with these study abroad ideas.

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