The Best Time To Apply For An Internship And Why You Should...

The Best Time To Apply For An Internship And Why You Should Not Miss It


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The only thing worse than not getting your dream college internship is missing out on filling the application and apply for an internship in time! It is one of the biggest regrets when you find an awesome internship but you get to know that the application date has passed.

However, this is something you can avoid by planning your internship application calendar in advance and ensure you don’t have any regrets.

Here are some tips on the best time to apply for an internship and why it’s important –

For Summer Internships

Summer Internships are generally held anywhere in the months from April to July, for an internship duration of four weeks to twelve weeks. The duration and schedule are dependent on your college schedule and the company timeline. Companies might change their requirements according to your availability but often that’s not the case.

The best time to fill up an internship application for a summer internship is in the months of January and February.

Of course, this does not account for campus placements of college internships. These summer placements are often done much ahead in the year in September – November.

Why is it important to fill the internship application 3-4 months in advance?

  • Many companies have a schedule of hiring for interns and they announce it on their websites or social media pages. These open much in advance and you should do your research and create a list of dream companies. Follow their websites at least six months in advance, so that you can send in your internship application as soon as the dates open.


  • This is the right time to also apply for companies that do not have structured internship programs. 3-4 months will give you enough time to find the concerned person for internships, submit your internship application, resume, and also attend interviews. If you apply just few weeks in advance, it may not be enough time for the company to give you their decision.


  • To ensure you are ready with your internship application, you should be ready with your resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile, so that you can apply instantly.


  • Companies take too long to make decisions. You should understand that giving you a college internship is NOT on the list of their priorities.


For Winter Internships

Winter internships are not very common in India as the internship duration is very short; just about two weeks in between semesters. It is not popular among companies as it isn’t enough time to get anything productive done from the internships and college students also find it too hectic. However, it is a great opportunity to squeeze in extra work experience which will give you an edge during job interviews.

The best time to fill internship application for winter internships in December/ January is around August and September. The thumb rule is between 3-4 months prior to the internship, just like summer internships.


For International Internships

If you are keen on an international internship with IMF, UNICEF, Google or any other multinational companies then you need plan well in advance. There are many factors that go into an internship application for an international internship –

  • Academic transcripts
  • Professor Recommendation
  • Resume, Statement of Purpose
  • Visa Documents
  • University Permission Letter

Getting all these documents in time is a challenge and hence you should start preparing at least a year in advance to apply for an international college internship.

The best time to apply for an international internship is September to November, which is when most companies open up for summer internships in July. International companies open internship application worldwide and have a long selection process. Make sure you adhere to the deadlines.



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