The Entrepreneur Vision Program | Become a Startup Manager for International Centre...

The Entrepreneur Vision Program | Become a Startup Manager for International Centre for Culture and Education.


The Entrepreneur Vision Program:
To create something out of nothing you need that entrepreneurship spirit. While it is true that many people want to be entrepreneurs, very few who actually possess that spirit. (International Centre for Culture and Education) ICCE’s Entrepreneur Vision program aims to radically enhance this spirit of entrepreneurship. If you have a great business idea and are looking for a trusted mentor for financial support and cutting edge entrepreneurship knowledge course, then you need not look further than the Entrepreneur Vision program. The kind of platform that it aims to provide, equips you with maximum success potential.

Startup Managers: ICCE is looking for interns for Entrepreneurial development. These interns will be called “Startup Managers” and will be responsible for promotion of Entrepreneur Vision – India’s first and only program to provide Rs.10 Lacs to 10 individuals each, every six months.

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When it comes to students in colleges;

  • 7% of them have already started their own business.
  • 20% of them plan to start their own business after graduation.

This is where Startup Managers are needed, in order to assist ICCE in tapping the entrepreneur minds to give them an opportunity to become entrepreneurs.

Location: Startup Managers are required per institute.
The internship is for 5 months and duties can be performed along with your studies.


  • Handling enquiries generated in your institute with respect to the program.
  • Managing project promotion inside the college campus.
  • The promotions will be through all the social media sites that the students of the institute are a part of. Eg. facebook, twitter etc. Putting up posters inside the college etc.
  • Manage registrations and collection of the program fees.
  • Presenting program benefits through word of mouth promotions.
  • Engage participants with the program by providing all relevant information to them.
  • Explore various medium to generate the applicants

Skills and Specifications requirements:

  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of Web, MS Office and social media.
  • Highly self-motivated individual with good convincing power.
  • Desire to learn and contribute

Compensation: Rs 5000 (Additional incentives after meeting the target)

Your take away:

  • Understanding social entrepreneurship and giving it back to the society.
  • Exposure to network marketing, lead management and sales.
  • An internship letters “Student Startup Manager” at the end of the program.
  • A hand at shaping the next big start-up story.

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